Shampoo Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: July 20, 2021

Attempting to write/update a shampoo assistant resume and do not know where to begin?

Yes, that could be a great dilemma, ending up in it being quite discouraging.

Have no fear because there are ways to ensure that you write the perfect resume without the jitters that come with first-time resume writing endeavors.

What do you have to do?

You just have to be informative of what it is that you can do and what the employer wants. The match between these two is your resume.

Take a look at the following resume for a shampoo assistant position to see how you can write one that is sure to meet the employer’s requirements:

Sample Resume for Shampoo Assistant Position

Angela Dunn
452 Crescent Road
Anchorage, AK 78965
(000) 145-4747
angeladunn @ email . com


• 6 years’ hands-on experience in determining hair types and ensuring delivery of appropriate hair care regimes, particularly washing and shampooing.
• Highly experienced in massaging, shampooing, and conditioning clients’ hair to remove dirt and excessive oil
• Proven ability to determine the right type of products to be used on hair, depending on the type of scalp (oily, dry, or combination)
• Adept at advising clients about hair treatments according to their specific hair issues, including chronic and potentially contagious problems
• Competent in treating scalp and hair issues by performing hot oil and therapy massages, in accordance with each client’s individual instructions

• Scalp Treatments
• Hair Conditioning
• Coloring and Dying Assistance
• Salon Maintenance
• Pre-service Preparation
• Blow-drying
• Supplies Inventory Management
• Supplies Replenishment
• Hot Oil Treatments
• Retail Up-selling
• Front Desk Operations
• Laundry Management


Mar 2016 – Jan 2021
Shampoo Assistant
• Introduced the Thai Hair Massage, thereby increasing the number of clients from 1500 to 2200 within a month.
• Suggested use of herbal hair care products (particularly shampoos and conditioners), resulting in increased interest in the salon’s services.
• Led a short training session pertaining to the introduction of “inside out” blow-drying techniques.
• Increased salon revenue by 54% by indulging in aggressive up-selling activities of the salon’s retail products.
• Tool instructions for shampooing clients’ hair according to their particular instructions.
• Conferred with clients to determine if they may have any allergies to products and ensured that this information is recorded in their files.
• Selected appropriate products to be used for each client and wet and shampoo hair to begin the process.
• Conditioned clients’ hair using approved (by the client) products and ensured that all residue is washed away properly.
• Toweled dry clients’ hair by making sure hair damage is minimized and escorted clients to designated chairs.
• Assisted in blow-drying clients’ hair by holding hair dryers and brushes in place.

CLIPPERS, Anchorage, AK
Jan 2011 – Mar 2012
Hair Care Aide
• Assisted shampooers in preparing clients for shampooing and conditioning procedures.
• Provided support during the shampooing process by holding hand-held showers and handing bottles.
• Towel-dried clients’ hair, paying special attention to ensure minimum hair breakage or damage.
• Cleaned and sanitized work areas and hair salon tools using predefined procedures and sanitizing chemicals.

High School Diploma