Cosmetology Student Resume Objectives

Updated on February 22, 2016

Resume objectives are great things. You write one on a resume and it immediately gives it a format that is easy to read. Objectives on a resume are important not only because they give it a form. They also make sure that the reader becomes interested and stays interested until the last section is read and understood.

One thing that you do need to make sure when building your resume objective is to not make it ordinary, boring or irrelevant. You do any of these “unforbidden” things and you can say goodbye to your chances of employment with that particular company at least.

Mostly, objectives are written for entry level resumes – in instances where there is lack of professional experience. For every other instance, it is best to stick to a professional summary. Resume objectives are generally short blurbs of information, making it easy for applicants since they do not have to go into great detail about their capabilities. Two or three lines suffice!

But these two or three lines need to be exceptionally well-written. If you are applying for more than one job, your resume objective will change for each one. Why? Because you need to write correlating objectives for each position, outlining specifically your abilities to perform the work expected of you. Here are some example of resume objectives of a cosmetology student’s resume:

Cosmetology Student Resume Objectives

• Looking for a Cosmetology internship at Great Clips utilizing strong knowledge of cutting, trimming and shaping hair and hairpieces according to each client’s facial features and requirements.

• Seeking a Cosmetology Intern position at Green Valley Salon. Competent at inspecting hair, face and scalp to determine problems and providing suggestions for treatments.

• Desire a position as a Salon Assistant at Amazing Lash Studio. Bringing deep insight into cutting and styling hair using a wide variety of equipment and tools such as clippers, scissors, straighteners and curlers.

• To work as a Cosmetologist with Clipper providing benefit of expertise in providing scalp treatments, handling manicures and pedicures and using chemical solutions such as dyes and bleach by strictly following safety procedures.

• To obtain a Cosmetologist position at The Salon of Life. Eager to apply proficiencies in analyzing patrons’ hair types and provide them with suggestions for hairstyling. Able to accurately handle front desk and scheduling duties and manage up-selling of the salon’s retail products.

• Looking for a Cosmetologist position at Creations Spa and Salon employing ability to perform scalp treatments, massages and hairstyling, keeping in mind patrons’ specific requirements and aimed at ensuring return business.