Salon Assistant Manager Job Description Sample

Updated on: July 3, 2016

Mostly, salons work on good customer service reputation. And to ensure that this remains constant, the services of assistant managers are acquired. Assistant salon managers help salon managers in handling the day to day operations of the salon business. They ensure that everything is run smoothly and that any hiccups are cleared on immediate basis, so that they don’t affect the work or reputation of the business.

It is important for assistant salon managers to know the business inside out – specifically the services that the salon provides – if they want to be considered for the job. A pleasant attitude and go-getter approach to work is what works best in this case. One also has to prove to be reliable as assistant salon managers handle a lot of accounting and bookkeeping duties, along with possessing exceptional skills in marketing.


To qualify working as an assistant manager at a salon, you may not need more than a high school diploma but if you have worked at a salon before – preferably in a front desk or therapist position – your chances of employment become quite high. Often, salon assistant managers are hired internally – a salon assistant who has done well or even a salon therapist who may have shown great skills in managing things.

If working as an assistant manager at a salon is what you want to do, you may be interested in the following list of job duties:

Salon Assistant Manager Job Description Sample

• Greet clients and ensure that they are serviced by the right attendant
• Oversee scheduling duties to make sure that both attendant and client’s time is optimized
• Interview, recruit and train staff members to perform beauty-related activities such as hairstyling and skin treatments
• Create schedules for staff members and assign duties to them according to their specific talents and abilities
• Perform research to determine how the competition is faring and assist salon managers in creating and implementing plans to stay afloat in the market
• Create and implement marketing plans to sell the salon’s services and retail products
• Train staff members to market salon products and indulge in suggestive selling activities
• Set targets for attendants and beauty therapists and provide them with rewards on achieving them
• Assist in calculating salaries, commissions and bonuses for staff members and handling payroll activities
• Keep track of salon expenses such as utility bills and suppliers’ payments and ensure that they are paid on time
• Maintain liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure on-time delivery of salon supplies and equipment