Program Assistant Cover Letter Sample

A program assistant cover letter is merely a document that is designed to bring together what you have to offer to a prospective employer, relating to what he or she wants.

It is evidence of experience, knowledge, skills, and traits that you possess, and how you can put them on the table for the benefit of a company.

Writing a cover letter is no biggie – writing one that is impressive is. Generic cover letters never make it past the first glance.

If you want your cover letter to be considered, you have to tailor it to the requirements of a hiring manager, as they never settle for anything other than perfect.

If your cover letter says volumes about your skills and traits, consider it a hit. If not, you might as well get back to the drawing board now.

The following cover letter sample for a program assistant position can give you ideas about how to write your own:


Program Assistant Cover Letter Example



February 12, 2018

Mr. Liam Henley
Human Resource Manager
Conservation Law Foundation
76 W Watt Street
Rockford, TN58020


Dear Mr. Henley:

The position of a program assistant, which you have advertised in Daily Times, represents a tremendous opportunity to continue my clear and committed career path while profoundly contributing to your organization. I firmly believe that my education, experience, and background would enable me to make a significant contribution to your mission.

My particular area of effectiveness is providing exceptional support concerning departmental liaison and administrative support. With my comprehension of interpreting program guidelines, compiling and consolidating information, and preparing clear reports for assigned programs, I am confident that you will not have to spend time and resources to look for another.

Ensuring effective management of assigned projects, and coordinating both internal and external meetings, I will be a highly valued employee not long after I have been hired. And this is not an empty claim. As someone who has a string of past achievements in this capacity, I am confident that hiring me will be a great step at your end. Moreover, my addition to your team of program assistants will translate into exceptional insight into program management work.

To further elaborate on why I believe that I will be the best choice to hire as a program assistant at Conservation Law Foundation, I will call you to set up a meeting time. Until that is done, please feel free to call me at (000) 222-2222 if needed.




Zelda Brekken

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