Physiotherapy Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on December 15, 2018

Cover letters for Physiotherapy Assistant position are similar in purpose as resumes.

They must be written in a way to generate interviews and, eventually, job offers.

Your letters must have the power to grab the favorable attention and confirmatory response of hiring managers.

Taking this fact in mind, it is crucial from the beginning of your professional career to understanding the significance of building a unique letter for every potential employer.

As an entry level candidate for a physiotherapy assistant position, you must bear in mind that bulk-produced letters are considered as junk, thus unacceptable.

Preparing a factual and individually-typed covering letter is more time-consuming, but it will give you the best results. Personalize your letter as per the needs of the employer; keep away from sending copied or ready-made letters.

When writing an entry level cover letter for Physiotherapy Assistant Resume, focus on your specific transferable skills which will persuade the hiring manager to read your resume. Look at the sample below to get a quick idea.


 Physiotherapy Assistant Cover Letter Example – No Experience



Sara Johnson
325 New Jersey Street | Dallas, TX 23210
(000) 900-5214 | sara.johnson @ email . com

May 1, 2018

Mr. Davis Ryan
Personnel Manager
AAA Health Centre
14 City Avenue
Dallas, TX 36632


Dear Mr. Ryan:

Please accept this letter and the attached resume as an application for the position of Physiotherapy Assistant (PTA) at AAA Health Centre, as advertised on your website. After reading job description in detail, I found an exceptional similarity between your needs and my skills. The chance of working with a proficient team of fitness and wellness experts of AAA Health Centre greatly interests me.

Through my education at Aberdeen’s College’s Physiotherapy Assistance program, I obtained extensive knowledge and academic training to deal with people of different backgrounds who were in need of rehabilitation therapy. My PTA internship with Reliant Rehabilitation has enabled me to get functional expertise in:

• Screening and evaluating patients.
• Diagnosing patients’ dysfunctional movements.
• Assisting in treatment in accordance with the established treatment plan.
• Helping PT in using exercise, stretching maneuvers, hands-on therapy, and equipment.
• Documenting changes and progress toward objectives.

Furthermore, I have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills and able to follow instructions quickly. Owing to my ability to take exceptional care for my clients, I have been admired by both physiotherapists and family members. My present schedule is quite flexible; therefore, I would be able to work in evenings and weekends.

I am passionate to exceed your expectations by assisting physiotherapists most efficiently. I look forward to hearing from you regarding an interview. Please note that I will call you next week to further talk about my interest in and qualifications for this position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sara Johnson

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