Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: July 6, 2021

Gone are the days when you could search the Internet for the “perfect resume sample,” make changes in the format and pass it off as your own.

This technique is not just old – it is loathed by prospective employers as it shows a lack of ingenuity and effort on the candidate’s part. And both these things are unforgivable in the employment world.

Ready-made resumes for physical therapy assistants off the Internet can be disastrous! They make candidates feel that they are complete and we often end up changing information around in them to pass them off as ours.

The following PTA resume sample gives you the leeway to add sections (such as unique skills, relevant volunteer work, or special courses) where required. Take a look!

Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Example

Joan Collins
11 2nd Street, Pell City, AL 85856
(000) 999-9999
joancollins @ email . com

Eager to bring quality healthcare outcomes.

Customer service-oriented Physical Therapist Assistant with extensive experience in providing patients and families with information, support, and encouragement to help motivate their progress. Well-versed in assisting with physical therapy treatments with a prime focus on patient well-being.

• Track record of contributing to physical therapy effectiveness by meritoriously identifying patient care issues.
• Excellent skills in assessing patient health by interviewing patients and families and documenting derived information.
• Qualified to evaluating abnormal conditions by efficiently reviewing physical therapist’s interpretations of patient assessments.
• Proficient in setting up and operating physical therapy equipment and assisting with procedures.

• Functional Abilities Enhancement
• Functional Limitations Management
• Wellness Program Development
• Pain Reduction
• Non-manual Exercises
• Health and Wellness Maintenance
• Rehabilitation
• Disability Assistance
• Disability Prevention
• Supportive Devices
• Treatment Regimen Development
• Patient Records Management


Physical Therapy Assistant
(11/2015 to Present)
• Interview patients to determine their medical histories and causes for complaints.
• Record derived patient information and place notes next to significant points.
• Provide patients with information on physical therapy types and what their particular conditions may warrant
• Report recorded information regarding patients to the physical therapist.
• Set up and calibrate physical therapy equipment and provide assistant during manual and non-manual therapy sessions.
• Promote patient safety by actively checking up on patients going through therapy and giving feedback to the therapist.
• Translate physical therapy exercises to patients into functional activities or in-home exercises.
• Educate patients on what to expect during sessions and provide emotional support and encouragement.
Key Contributions and Accomplishments
• Implemented a rehabilitation plan for a stroke victim, which saw him on his feet within a short span of 5 months.
• Introduced a sophisticated patient records management program, reducing information pulling time by 65%.

Physical Therapy Aide
(1/2008 to 11/2015)
• Greeted patients and families and provided them with information on the facility’s services.
• Scheduled appointments and followed up on patients by calling them up and reminding them of their sessions.
• Assisted in calibrating and setting up physical therapy equipment and ensured maintenance is performed on them on a regular basis.
• Educated patients on what to expect during sessions and provide both support and encouragement to ward off their fears.
• Maintain records of patients and sessions confidentially.
Key Contributions and Accomplishments
• Worked as a part of the team that introduced state-approved medical marijuana pain management programs, initially helping 15 patients instantly.
• Wrote an informational booklet on health and wellness maintenance through physical therapy treatment as part of a dedicated patient education program.

ABC COLLEGE, Pell City, AL – 2007
Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapy

Current Alabama Physical Therapist Assistant license