Operations Assistant Cover Letter Example

Updated on: June 25, 2021

An Operations Assistant Cover Letter demonstrates to an employer how your experience qualifies you for this position. That is why the importance of enclosing a well-written cover letter is reiterated time and again.

How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for Operations Assistant Job?

To determine exactly what it is that needs to go into your cover letter, refer to the following:

• Address your letter to an individual as opposed to “Dear Sir / Madam.”
• Make it brief – 1 page is sufficient
• Don’t use large font sizes. A standard 12 works best
• Proofread for grammatical or spelling errors

• State specifically why you are writing
• Demonstrate as much energy and enthusiasm as possible without going overboard
• Expand on key information from your resume but do not reiterate information provided in it
• Actively sell your unique qualities by targeting your skills and interests
• Show that you have done your homework by emphasizing exactly why you want to work for the organization
• Encourage the hiring manager to take a closer look at your resume

Writing Style
• Your writing style should be clear and concise.
• Use action verbs and phrases to describe everything that you have to say about your professional and personal self. The power of words cannot be undermined in a cover letter. The better you write, the more are your chances for success.
• When you proofread your cover letter, you will come across many instances where you would want to change the content. Do it. Trust your judgment.

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Operations Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Holly Chris
21 South Street
New York, NY 02311

June 25, 2021

Mr. Mel Dorado
Hiring Consultant
Beacon Telecom
2 Quaker Ave
New York, NY 02355

Dear Mr. Dorado:

I am writing concerning the position of Operations Assistant at Beacon Telecom, as advertised in the New York Times. My clerical and administrative work experience, combined with my skills in the computer would enable me to perform your described duties most efficiently.

During my work with culturally diverse people in a team environment, I have developed exceptional skills related to the operations assistant position. For instance, I built the capability of receiving telephone calls and visitors, providing the required information from official sources.

I am adept at typing various correspondence and reports, tabulating statistical data, organizing data and documentation, and preparing support materials. My ability to establish, maintain, and control files and logs will be a definite asset for your organization.

My attached resume will provide you with more details about my qualifications and experience. I want to meet with you to discuss how I would fit your needs in filling this position. I will call your HR department after a week to set up an interview date and could be reached at 000-919-9479.

Thank you for your time in looking through my application.


Holly Chris

Enc. Resume

How to Send an Operations Assistant Cover Letter?
  1. If sending through regular mail, send a paper copy of your cover letter and resume on a high-quality paper.
  2. If sending through an email, you should paste your cover letter in the message section and attach your letter and resume as an email attachment.
  3. If applying online, you should paste your letter into the job application section of an employment website.

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