Operations Supervisor Cover Letter Example

Updated on: November 2, 2019

How to Write an Operations Supervisor Cover Letter?

• Target your letter to the needs of the employer
• Do not use flowery language
• Add keywords and information regarding our accomplishments
• Write only relevant information


That is all you need to be able to create a perfect or near-perfect cover letter.

The following example will guide you further in this regard.

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Operations Supervisor Cover Letter Example


Mathew Potter
767 Hilton Street
Kingston, OK 80214
(000) 222-2222

November 2, 2019

Mr. Toby Stark
Human Resource Manager
182 Whispering Way
Kingston, OK 82033


Dear Mr. Stark:

This letter is a strong expression of interest in the Operations Supervisor position at Martin-Brower. My skills, experiences, and education uniquely qualifies me for this position.

My resume is attached with this letter, but let me first bring your attention to why I believe that I am the perfect candidate. Here is what I have to offer:

• 15 years of experience working in the operations department of companies in 4 different industries.

• Ability to analyze data to look at current trends and find problems.

• Skilled in answering phones, managing customers’ issues, routing drivers, and processing orders.

• Exceptional knowledge of handling operations work in sync with administration, performance evaluation, and customer support directives.

• Expert in policy formulation and implementation across a wide spectrum of individuals and departments.

• Adept at managing all aspects of corporate, associate and customer services.

My employers recognized my excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Above all, I an able to ensure that company policies are followed.

If you are looking for an operations supervisor who can reduce costs and increase efficiency, then we have a good reason to meet. I will be in touch with your office to set up a convenient interview date and time. Alternately, I can be reached at (000) 222-2222.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Mathew Potter