Clinical Laboratory Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: November 16, 2020
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A Clinical Laboratory Assistant resume is a document that highlights a job seeker’s skills and qualifications. If you can efficiently manage to put all this information in an organized manner within a resume, you have it made. Here is a sample to help you out:

Clinical Laboratory Assistant Resume Example

Sandra Adams
600 Graystone Way, Evans, GA 54031
(000) 985-3250
[email protected]


Resourceful and highly experienced Clinical Laboratory Assistant with a strong background in providing phlebotomy services. Focused on ensuring the integrity of samples and results. Demonstrated ability to maintain proficiency with laboratory and medical center equipment and instruments. Efficiently performs venipuncture and capillary collections, as appropriate to adult, pediatric, and infant patients.

• Devised a novel way of maintaining records, replacing the old inefficient one
• Successfully performed 100 venipunctures in one day, during a hectic day at work
• Implemented a test results evaluation procedure, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the one already in place
• Proved to be invaluable in a mass specimen collection drive, following an epidemic outbreak


  • Venipunctures
  • Specimen Analysis
  • Disease Determination
  • Glassware Maintenance
  • Records Maintenance
  • Safety Procedures
  • Drug Testing
  • Test Results Evaluation
  • Autoclaves Operations
  • Culture Analysis
  • Specimen Collection
  • Equipment Operations


Clinical Laboratory Assistant
SSM Health, Evans, GA
3/2011 – Present
• Verify patient information on their charts and files, and by comparing it with their wristbands
• Collect both blood and urine samples using venipuncture, and other collection procedures
• Ascertain that collected samples are appropriately labeled with the right information
• Place sample containers in specified locations, ensuring their safety and integrity
• Perform specimen processing duties to acquire appropriate results and recheck outcomes to ensure their accuracy
• Interpret the test result and ensure that they are correctly documented in patients’ files
• Identify and communicate abnormal patient conditions to physicians and pathologists
• Ascertain that laboratory equipment and instruments are properly calibrated and maintained

Clinical Laboratory Aide
Yellowstone Miller Health, Evans, GA
2/2007 – 3/2011
• Assisted in setting up and calibrating laboratory testing equipment
• Ascertained that all lab instruments and supplies were adequately laid out in trays
• Provided support in performing laboratory tests, placing particular focus on the integrity of results
• Cleaned and maintained laboratory equipment on a regular basis, by following set rules and protocols
• Ascertained that safety protocols were observed, and reported any problems or issues to the lab manager

Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology
Evans Technological School, Evans, GA – 2005

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