Clinical Lab Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 17, 2019

Working as a clinical lab assistant is a lot of responsibility, which is why one has to write a phenomenal cover letter to apply for this position.

Typically, your cover letter will include information about your ability to oversee specimen collection and processing.


Your knowledge of phlebotomy will be a great asset here, which is why a background in laboratory work is important.

Once you have figured out what information needs to go into the cover letter, it is time to organize it.

First, you have to set your priorities. What is one piece of information that is most important?

Your background in lab work. This is where you should start the main body of your cover letter.


Highlight your ability to process sample tests in different technical areas. Also, focus on your knowledge of overseeing rotation of the sample.

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If you are looking for a cover letter sample to gain ideas from, here is one for a clinical lab assistant position:



Clinical Lab Assistant Cover Letter Example


Millie Zanders
(000) 364-8873
[email protected]

June 17, 2019

Mr. Steve Walter
Human Resources Manager
Evergreen Health
6 State Road SE
South Portland, ME 73600


Dear Mr. Walter:

Evergreen Health has always been my choice of workplace, ever since I began my career in a lab assistant role. But it is only now that I have come across an open position for a clinical lab assistant at your facility. I would like to offer my services in this regard. I am sure that the accompanying resume will convince you that I am indeed the right person to hire.

In my present place of work, I am responsible for performing laboratory tests, including pre- and post-analytic phases. Specifically, my skills lie in producing accurate data from sample tests and creating reports from interpreted results.

I am also well-versed in other areas, such as conducting experiments, analyzing results, cleaning and maintaining equipment, and ensuring that paperwork is appropriately and timely updated. Besides, I am competent in providing my input into diagnosing and treating diseases and illnesses.

Since I am a perfectionist by nature, I make sure that all lab procedures are carried out with high precision and exactness.

I will remain in touch with your secretary so that a mutually convenient meeting time can be arranged. In the meantime, you can reach me at (000) 364-8873 if you need any further information to support my job application.

Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the Clinical Lab Assistant position at Evergreen Health.




Millie Zanders

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