Retiree Returning to Work Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 9, 2021

Once you have retired and have been at home for some time, it is often difficult to get back to work.

Writing a cover letter in this situation may not be the easiest. But we are here to help.

It matters which position you have retired from.

Your past position will determine what skills you have to offer for a future career.

Even though there may be a gap between your last job and the one you’re applying for now, you can still rely on your skills.

Also, if you have had a passion for something but were unable to peruse it during the course of your career, you can ways highlight that in the cover letter, that is, if you are now applying for a related position.

A cover letter sample for a retiree hoping to return to work is provided below:

Sample Cover Letter for Retiree Returning to Work

Simon Franken
(000) 854-9595
simon @ email . com

November 9, 2021

Ms. Andrea Barber
Human Resources Manager
Simple Retail Solutions
3984 Newness Road NE
New Castle, DE 87263

Dear Ms. Barber:

I am applying for a Retail Marketing Manager job at Simple Retail Solutions. Having retired from a marketing director position after a successful 30-year career, I offer a lot in a retail marketing capacity. During my hiatus, I kept in touch with the various aspects of marketing and marketing technology, and can safely say that I haven’t missed much.

Determining target markets, and working with production teams in order to develop products according to demands is my niche. Also, during the time that I took off from work, I have kept in touch with the way in which various retail giants have been performing marketing activities. Due to this insight, I am well-versed in developing competitive solutions to ensure that products and services reach target audiences.

In addition, my past experience will come in handy when training new staff members about marketing initiatives. Technically, I have not been out of touch with this work and would like to provide your organization with the benefit of this, which I am sure you will appreciate.

It will be a pleasure to meet with you soon in an interview to discuss this in detail. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Simon Franken
(000) 854-9595

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