Retiree Cover Letter Sample

Updated on October 12, 2019

If you are returning to work after retirement, then you will definitely need a cover letter and resume to apply for a job. Below are some effective tips for retiree cover letter writing.


Retiree Cover Letter Writing Tips

• Highlight your most relevant experience so as to convince the reader of your expertise in a specific field.

• Mention a few of your accomplishments in the cover letter.

• Express some knowledge about the hiring company’s current challenges and demonstrate that you have the solution to those.

• Use the cover letter to communicate your personality and traits that your resume does not. That is to say, make it personal yet professional.


Take a look at the sample given below for a retired business manager seeking a business consultant position.

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Retiree Cover Letter Sample


Marc Fielder
690 Olive Lane. Houston, TX 54992
(005) 333-2222
marc @ email . com

October 12, 2019


Mr. Harris Payne
HR Manager
78 NW Ave
Houston, TX 54992

Dear Mr. Payne:

In response to your ad for the Senior Business Consultant position, I am sending my resume as a keen expression of interest. I have had both large and small company experience throughout my career. In fact, it is my preference to work with your company where goals are more measurable, results are noticeable, and small contributions make a big difference.

As an entrepreneurial spirited business executive and consultant, I bring the following qualifications:

✔ Business-oriented and pragmatic management style
✔ Seasoned in the art of effective team development
✔ Effective mediator; known for negotiating and generating winning solutions with partners and sponsors
✔ Track record of spearheading effective and profitable corporate projects
✔ Proficient in the allocation of resources to maximize ROI
✔ Expert in strategic and technical planning and budgeting
✔ Ability to create cooperative marketing programs
✔ Skilled in establishing productive business alliances

I believe my background provides the exact analytical and monitory skills you desire in the role of Business consultant along with the industry outlook and knowledge demanded by the position.

I would appreciate the opportunity of an interview with you in order to discuss my potential in detail. Please feel free to call me any time at (005) 333-2222 to set up an interview date and time of your convenience. I will follow-up with you next week to answer any queries you may have regarding my background.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Marc Fielder

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