Secretary Letter of Introduction Sample

Updated April 5, 2017

A letter of introduction was a popular document at the time when resumes were nothing more than mere thought. In essence, a letter of introduction took the place of a resume and a cover letter, detailing why a candidate was suitable for an advertised position. With the introduction of the resume, introduction letters took the backseat, giving the classic cover letter an opportunity to introduce the candidate in detail.

However, there are still many companies who prefer going through letters of introduction as opposed to the resume-cover letter set. Why has this change come about? Possibly because an introduction letter is much easier to navigate than the resume and cover letter combined. Too much work and very little time to go through detailed documents is perhaps what has led to this preference at the employers’ ends. Here is what a classic letter of introduction should look like:


Sample Letter of Introduction for Secretary Position


April 5, 2017

Mr. Sam Hendriks
Human Resource Manager
Rupert Inc.
74 Hall Road
Scottsburg, IN 19191


Dear Mr. Hendriks:

I am interested in working as a Secretary at Rupert Inc. As an experienced individual who has great exposure to working in a secretarial, administrative and clerical capacity, I am positive that my addition to your organization will be beneficial across the company systems.

My experience in secretarial and administrative arena is 10 years vast and diverse. My present contributions being at The Star Marketing Company which holds my work in great esteem. Previously, I was working for Green Earth where I was responsible for contributing largely to the core projects of the company, by providing project teams with exceptional support in terms of producing and transcribing information, coordinating meetings and conferences, and assisting in developing research materials.

As an organized individual who has often been praised for exceptional time management skills, deep administrative insight and excellent communication and interpersonal abilities, I am positive that I will be immediately contributory to your organization. Aiming to further build up on my expertise and experience as a secretary, I would like to meet with you in person soon, and will call you next week to set up a meeting date and time. If you would like any further details regarding my suitability for the job, please contact me at (000) 547-1985.




Rebecca Mustang