One on One Aide Resume Sample

Updated on: August 21, 2019

How to Write One on One Aide Resume?

For a one on one aid position, you have to write a resume to convince the recruiter that you are the best possibility.

Your knowledge, skills, achievements, and competencies must be emphasized in the One on One Aide resume.


It is important to know that a resume for one on one aide position has to be complete and accurate from all sides, as the work is highly important.

Paying special attention to the format of your resume for a one on one aide position is important.

Similarly, it is important is to place information into the resume in a proper manner.


Looking for a resume sample to help you out? Here is one:

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One on One Aide Resume Sample


Emma James
9 Met Road, Memphis, TN 90210
(000) 956-8544


Compassionate, patient, and resourceful individual, with 8+ years of experience of working in a one on one aid capacity. Highly experienced in providing assistance to special education students in sync with their specific programs.

• Successfully implemented support systems for 45 students on a one on one basis
• Introduced a unique behavior management system, as a result, decreased misbehavior incidents by 50%
• Devised a student development oversight system, hence, increased feedback accuracy by 75%
• Trained 10 special education aides as part of their induction program


One on One Aid
Catapult Learning, Memphis, TN | 2017-present

• Confer with lead teachers in order to determine assigned student’s limitations
• Engage students in conversation to figure out their personalities
• Establish a plan to monitor students in sync with their original educational programs
• Assist students in handling daily tasks such as toileting and feeding
• Reinforce concepts taught to them during class
• Develop and implement plans to progressively reduce the support provided to students
• Monitor students in order to determine their progress
• Create and maintain logs of achievements and progress
• Provide a safe and secure environment to students, ensuring their physical and emotional wellbeing

Special Education Aide
Bordertown School, Memphis, TN | 2015-2017

• Assisted assigned students in understanding concepts taught to them
• Provided physical and emotional support
• Motivated students to do their best, especially during times of distress
• Assisted students with personal needs such as dressing, eating, or positioning
• Oversaw student behavior and intervened where required

Master’s Degree in Special Education
Tennessee State University, Memphis, TN – 2014


• Support Provision
• Supervision
• Student Wellbeing
• Instruction Implementation
• Conflict Resolution
• Learning Concepts Reinforcement
• Parent Liaison
• Instructional Support
• Behavior Management
• Student Development Oversight
• Emergency Handling

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