School Aide Resume Sample

Updated on: August 4, 2021

Some people believe that school aide resumes are not written to get to the interview stage or a job.

Instead, they are a required component of the job application set that lets you present your relevant skills and accomplishments in an accurate and compelling way, basically to interest an employer. We believe that it is an amalgamation of both!

And to be able to make the resume a potent force to get your message across, here is a resume sample that you can use:

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Sample Resume for School Aide Position

Brian Hoover
75 State Route 41, Spring Lake, NJ 65854
(000) 741-4744
b_hoover @ email . com

A self-directed and resourceful individual with a genuine desire to contributing to a busy educational environment.

High energy School Aide with 6 years’ track record of success handling student behavior within the class and during playtime. Proficient in handling research work, providing support in grading test papers, managing inventory of school supplies and equipment, and ensuring the safety of students, staff, and parents. Able to perform and monitor housekeeping and groundskeeping work.


School Aide
Public Prep Network, Spring Lake, NJ
• Introduce the concept of “practice worksheets” which resulted in students performing 50% better in exams than they did previously
• Implement technology-based learning, resulting in more students taking interest in standard concepts taught in class
• Supervise student arrivals and departures and monitor students in hallways
• Monitor students during break and activities time to ensure their wellbeing
• Assist lead teachers in developing lesson plans and imparting them in an appropriate fashion
• Handle classroom behavior by overseeing students on a constant basis
• Hand out classwork and homework assignments and ensure that each student returns his or her work on time
• Assist students in developing an understanding of difficult concepts taught in class

School Aide
ABC School, Spring Lake, NJ
• Increased teacher’s time for handling other meaningful tasks by taking up lesson planning activities and solely planning lessons for each class
• Acted as lead teacher for a class for an entire month, during the time it took the school to arrange for a new one
• Performed research work to develop teaching aids and worksheets
• Invigilated exams by supervising students and assisting them by providing extra exam sheets and stationery
• Assisted teachers in grading exams and creating and maintaining mark sheets and report cards
• Observed students to determine signs of distress and provide feedback to lead teacher
• Kept records students in a confidential manner
• Ensured that all supplies and equipment inventory is properly managed

School Office Aide
Amphitheater Public Schools, Spring Lake, NJ
• Greeted parents and visitors and provided them with information regarding school schedules and facilities
• Assisted in filling out school registration forms and walking parents and visitors through the school premises
• Scheduled appointments for principal and other office executives
• Oversaw inventory of office supplies and equipment such as stationery and photocopiers
• Assisted in preparing exam papers by researching information such as formats

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Spring Lake College, Spring Lake, NJ – 2009

• Lesson Development • Research
• Progress Communication • Records Maintenance
• Student Supervision • Grading Assistance
• Equipment Operation • Activities-based Learning
• Safety Monitoring • Social Skills Development
• Worksheet Preparation • Invigilation