Piano Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 23, 2019

Piano teachers applying for a job must consider obtaining help with their cover letters.

How to Write a Piano Teacher Cover Letter?

Writing a Piano Teacher cover letter will require you to first determine what the hiring manager is looking for, and which environment you are applying in.


For instance, you may be applying for a one on one piano lesson tutoring, or hoping to acquire a job in an institution. You must write your cover letter accordingly.

As a piano teacher, your main focus should be on your ability to create and impart piano lessons, and this information must be provided in the Piano Teacher cover letter.

Knowledge of reading and teaching notes, and preparing students for recitals will be considered a great virtue.

In addition, you must offer some information about your ability to teach music theory, and aural skills.



If you are looking for a cover letter sample to help you write one to apply for a music teacher position, refer to this one:

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Piano Teacher Cover Letter Sample



August 23, 2019

Mr. Wayne Bradley
Human Resources Manager
Music Point
641 New Road
Franklin, TN 41200


Dear Mr. Bradley:

I possess over 10 years of teaching experience in the music arena, my choice of the instrument being the piano. Having big names such as National Music Academy, and Mic Drop Institute to my name, I am sure that you will be highly interested in my candidature as a piano teacher at Music Point.

As a piano teacher, I have taught both adults and children. Familiarizing students with music theory, and developing their aural skills is a great strength of mine. Since I am a trained piano teacher, I can effectively teach and polish practical techniques as they relate to music. Also, I am competent in teaching notes and preparing students for recitals and other events involving pianos and keyboards.

Owing to the fact that music is an inherent skill, it is not difficult for me to create and teach new tunes to students, while ensuring they are familiarized with maestros’ works, such as Monet, Bach, and Beethoven. Furthermore, I am an easygoing individual, which makes it easy for students to reach out to me, and ask for assistance and guidance.

If you are hoping to hire an individual who has great piano teaching skills and experience, then you may stop your search. I will contact your office soon in order to set up an interview date and time of your convenience. You may reach me at (000) 976-7792 if required.

Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the Piano Teacher position at Music Point.




John Willis

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