9 Instructional Aide Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 15, 2023

There are small things that you can do to make sure that you attain Instructional Aide interview goals.

Foremost is self-confidence, which can only come about if you are aware of the interview process.

Let us help you with the research by providing you with the following set of interview questions and answers for an instructional aide position:

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Instructional Aide Interview Questions and Answers

1. What does an instructional aide do?

The basic responsibilities of an instructional aide are to assist teachers and instructors by executing instructional activities with individual students and student groups.

It is also the responsibility of an instructional aide to assist students in special and general education and prepare materials and teaching aids.

2. As far as behavioral management is concerned, how do you handle your work?

I am specially trained in implementing behavior management programs by monitoring students and recording specific behavior patterns, and then ensuring that proper procedures are administered to support positive behavior plans.

3. What have been your specific student supervision duties in the past?

From assisting students leaving and entering transportation vehicles to helping them use classroom equipment, I have done it all.

Specifically, my student supervision duties included assisting students with activities of daily living including eating and hygiene maintenance, observing and intervening to redirect inappropriate behavior, providing support in understanding complex concepts, and ensuring that the classroom environment is conducive to learning and development.

4. Have you ever handled a class of students with special needs? How was your experience?

My last commission was with a class with diverse special needs. It was one of the best classes I have taught.

In fact, I learned so much from students, all of who had something that made them more rational than us “normal” humans.

Students with special needs are highly misunderstood by society, and they are much better at thinking out of the box than we are.

5. Have you ever handled an emergency in the classroom? If yes, what happened?

A student was showing signs of distress since the time he entered the class that morning. I was suspicious but couldn’t pinpoint the issue.

But since I was on my guard, I intervened as soon as the meltdown began. I quickly rushed him to the school doctor and later found out that I most probably saved his life, as he had a history of self-harming.

6. What cognitive abilities does an instruction aide need in order to perform his or her duties properly?

The ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with staff and recognize areas of concern relating to student issues are foremost.

What is also important is the capability to exercise initiative and make independent decisions where students are concerned.

7. What kind of clerical work does one need to perform as an instructional aide?

Instructional aides are responsible for handling filing and record-keeping duties.

They maintain grades, handle attendance records, and type quizzes.

Additionally, they perform photocopying and duplication duties – all of which are categorized under clerical work.

8. What are two of the essential qualities of an instructional aide?

Instructional aides need to have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. They should also possess a calm temperament.

9. How do you handle situations of conflict between students?

I act as a mediator – I try to diffuse the situation so that no students are physically harmed.

Additionally, I try to determine what initiated the conflict and then talk to each party with an open mind.

Once I can judge who is at fault, I take necessary measures following school policies to reprimand the instigating student.

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