Apartment Leasing Agent Job Description for Resume

Updated on November 26, 2015

Position overview

An apartment leasing agent helps people interested in renting apartments in finding suitable living spaces in their desired localities.

This professional usually works for building owners who want to rent out their apartment and is responsible for soliciting prospective tenants and negotiating a lease contract with both parties.

For further details about the typical duties and responsibilities, take a look at the following list.


Apartment Leasing Agent Job Description for Resume

• Ensure occupancy of maximum units through active marketing and demonstration of excellent salesman skills
• Run background checks on potential tenants before hiring and collect rent from the part timely
• Make lease contracts and get due signage done by both parties
• Collect application fee and process the applications for tenant hiring in a timely manner
• Maintain complete record of all tenants data and details
• Record contact details of prospective residents and provide them with information regarding the apartment
• Conduct guided tours of apartments with prospective families/ individuals willing to rent the place
• Attend resident’s complains related to building maintenance and ensure these are addressed timely and appropriately
• Device various online marketing strategies and help in implementing the same
• Initiate and implement ingenious incentives for enhancing resident retention and contract renewal
• Draft lease contracts in light of state issued tenant and landlord rights and make sure both parties understand the clauses before signage
• Update unit availability report, process rental applications, obtain credit card checks and verify rental history
• Conduct daily inspections of the apartment and keep record of the same
• Complete all lease related paper work in a timely manner
• Distribute community and company issued notices
• Proactively follow-up contacts for deal closing
• Collect rental deposits and carryout transactions for money transfer to renting party
• Design client retention programs in collaboration with the community director
• Actively pursue contract renewal and adapt lease terms flexibly to suit the tenant’s paying pattern
• Devise attractive lease packages with minimum down payment to cater for convenience of prospects falling in different pay brackets
• Maintain an updated knowledge of available units, building specifications and rent rates and answer prospect queries in light of the same
• Promote the apartment using various online marketing tools
• Obtain prospect lists by leveraging various online proprietary tools
• Complete and maintain a fully updated resident record book
• Report any major or minor incidents and update tenant record accordingly
• Oversee office organization, conduct billing administration and manage the apartment marketing activities
• Keep track of current rental rates in different parts of the city and guide the prospect and company regarding the same accurately
• Implement fair housing laws and make sure the lease contract protects the rights of both, the tenant and the landlord

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