Apartment Leasing Agent Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: November 26, 2015

Your resume is your story – make it worth reading. Until a couple of years back, resume objective was a necessary section of every resume but it is usually dropped out these days in favor of a more versatile, profile summary section. The importance of the conventional resume objective however cannot be denied. Till date, there are employers who like to see this section on top of candidate’s resumes due to its unique functionality – it tells them what the candidate offer to a specific employer.

Yes, the notion that resume objective is about what the candidate seeks, no longer stands true. The modern resume objective states in a nutshell, the exact skills and competencies offered by the candidate while also specifying the apartment leasing agent position.

• Relate your candidacy to the role at hand
• Incorporate some in-demand industry related key terms
• Reflect expert knowledge about the firm and the industry
• Focus on the employers’ needs and address the same
• Do not use clichés and common adjectives, they sink you in rather than making you stand out
• Make your statement active rather than passive

Apartment Leasing Agent Resume Objective Examples

• Highly competent and personable real estate professional seeking a position as an Apartment Leasing Agent with Live Well Homes. Apt at drafting lease contract and obtaining signage of both parties, tending to building maintenance tasks and ensuring optimum unit occupancy rate through effective online marketing and existing client retention strategies.

• Seasoned and persuasive Apartment Leasing Agent with a 7+ years’ track record of demonstrating profound salesman skills and playing an effective role in rental prospect solicitation looking for similar role with Heaven Towers. Apt at leveraging various online proprietary tools to obtain list of prospective residents.

• Sociable, competent Apartment Leasing Agent with strong convincing power, seeking work with Everest Heights. Expert in contacting prospects, showing them the apartment and negotiating workable lease agreements. Knowledgeable of and compliant to applicable fair housing laws

• To attain an apartment leasing agent position with prime residential and put acquired skills in prospect solicitation, apartment inspection and client retention to productive use of the company.

• To work for AAA Homes as an Apartment Leasing Agent utilizing skills in tenant application processing, lease contract drafting and building inspection. Track record of maintaining 98% occupancy rate in assigned units.