Leasing Agent Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 24, 2021

Position Overview

Leasing agents are considered “go-betweens” as they create a bridge between lenders and borrowers or properties.

They need to have exceptional knowledge of all properties within the vicinity of their work parameters. If they work on an inter-city basis, they also need to know about properties in surrounding cities and areas.

Here is a detailed job description (in a list) of what a leasing agent does each day:

Sample Job Description for Leasing Agent Resume

• Greet clients and interview them thoroughly to determine their property leasing requirements.

• Make notes of specific attributes that clients are looking for and provide them with options.

• Research the property market to determine which properties meet clients’ specifications exactly.

• Escort clients through properties and highlight the features that they are looking for.

• Provide clients with information on leasing rules and laws after ensuring their creditworthiness.

• Inspect properties before showing them to clients to develop an information base about them.

• Investigate interested parties’ backgrounds to ensure credibility and honesty of the eventual deal.

• Assist clients in filling out leasing forms and instruct them to make available required documents.

• Ensure that properties are made ready for clients to move into on the date agreed on.

• Prepare marketing and promotional materials to promote properties in the market.

• Conduct research to determine price variances according to the areas and types of properties.

• Follow up on lease application processes to ensure expediting of procedures.


Leasing Agent Edcational Requirements

To work as a leasing agent, you do not need more than a high school diploma or a GED, but you will need to possess great insight into customer services and property-related market research work.

Leasing Agent Skills and Abilities

Working as a leasing agent requires you to be a great communicator. You need to be able to bring properties to life by highlighting their positive attributes and downplaying negative ones.

You also need to be exceptionally well-versed in handling comparisons between different properties to ensure that you market the one appropriate to the specific tastes of each client.

Additionally, working as a leasing agent means that your knowledge base of property laws, rules and regulations needs to be quite well-endowed as you will be performing a lot of paperwork.