Leasing Agent Resume Sample

Updated on: July 24, 2021

Resume writing has various standards; therefore, you can never do the perfect thing. And that can be the most frustrating thing in the world.

But resume writing is something that we cannot deny if we want to get a leasing agent job.

Preparation is necessary – almost as much as the content of the resume. By preparation, we mean that you should research the company thoroughly and make sure that whatever information you place in your resume is under its requirements.

Here is a sample resume that will help you:

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Sample Resume for Leasing Agent Position

Candace Law
752 Mineola Avenue, Hicksville, NY 55212
(000) 414-7874
candace.law @ email . com


• Well-informed about the various successful ways of presenting properties and provided amenities in a positive light to ensure quick deal closure.
• Expert at assisting clients in navigating properties and advertising them to attract serious clientele.
• Proven ability to determine clients’ requirements and living standards and providing them with correlating leasing solutions.
Exceptional talent for negotiating lease terms and conditions per laws and regulations and ensuring quick deal closing.
• First-hand experience in screening tenants by performing detailed background checks to ensure that they are trustworthy.
• Adept at conducting walkthrough inspections by carefully looking through checklists to make sure that all is perfect before a new tenant moves in.

• Tour Hosting • Tenant Screening
• Documents Preparation • Advertising
• Curb Appeal Generation • Renewal Processes
• Resident Relations • Background Checks
• Market Surveys • Property Valuation
• Customer Service • Lease Agreements


Leasing Agent
LHP CAPITAL, Hicksville, NY
2015 – Present
• Remove the “old” taboo from an unsellable property and sold it for 33% more than the slashed price.
• Create a set of predefined lease agreements, making it easy for other lease agents to make quick changes and use them for different clients.
• Confer with clients to determine their property leasing needs and provide them with reliable suggestions.
• Record information regarding clients’ requirements and look through existing files to determine availabilities.
• Perform market research to assess property availability and going prices.
• Show properties to clients and provide them with leasing information such as required documents and price ranges.
• Assist clients in filling out information and lease forms and ensure that all information provided is correct and complete.
• Inspect premises before showing them to clients and perform client background checks for security purposes.
• Prepare marketing materials for each property on the list and ensure that appropriate promotional platforms are created.
• Handle all leasing rental application intake and processing duties.
• Review and process applications for residencies, move-ins, and verifications.

Property Leasing Associate
2012 – 2015
• Brought in a commission worth 65% of the annual revenue of the company through one leased property.
• Generated curb appeal of 5 properties in a remote area through extensive advertising and promotional activities.
• Performed background checks on properties and clients by following strict confidentiality protocols.
• Assisted in preparing documents and forms for leasing and rental agreements.
• Serviced incoming telephone calls to provide information regarding available properties.
• Scheduled appointments for showings and followed up with them to conserve agents’ time.
• Greeted clients and conducted initial interviews to determine their property leasing requirements.

High School Diploma