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Leasing Agent Job Description for Resume

Position Overview Leasing agents are considered “go-betweens” as they create a bridge between lenders and borrowers or properties. They need to have exceptional knowledge of all properties within the vicinity of their work parameters. If they work on an inter-city basis, they also need to know about properties in surrounding cities and areas. Here is… Read More »

13 Apartment Leasing Agent Interview Questions and Answers

Some common Apartment Leasing Agent I interview questions include: Tell me about yourself. Why are you the best person for the apartment leasing agent job? How have your education and experience prepared you for this position? What are your strengths and weaknesses? While these questions may seem straightforward enough, they aren’t. Yes, the interview part… Read More »

Apartment Leasing Agent Resume Sample & Job Description

An apartment leasing agent helps people interested in renting apartments in finding suitable living spaces in their desired localities. This professional usually works for building owners who want to rent out their apartments and is responsible for soliciting prospective tenants and negotiating a lease contract with both parties. An Apartment Leasing Agent Resume is a… Read More »