Library Aide Resume Sample

Updated on: June 30, 2016


Many job seekers assume that resumes should be long, with a lot of information crammed in. They are wrong. No one has the time to go through a hoard of information on a resume. Hiring authorities do not like long-winded stories of what you have done in the past. True, they need something to base their hiring decisions on, but the information they need is limited.

To see how you can write your library aide resume with limited (but workable) information, take a look at the following sample:


Library Aide Resume Sample


Taylor Simmons

856 Jeter Avenue ● Fountain Hill, PA 46022 ● (000) 854-5210 ● taysim @email .com


Professional Summary: Well-organized and exceptionally talented Library Aide with 7+ plus years’ progressive experience in sorting, alphabetizing, shelving and retrieving library materials, preparing library materials for circulation and delivering them to appropriate areas within the facility. Known for meticulousness and hard work. Highly efficient individual who has a strong grasp on handling library work such as categorization and maintenance.


• Material Categorization • Alphabetizing
• Microfilm Assistance • Circulation Desk Management
• Library Information Systems • New Patrons Registration
• Audiovisual Equipment Maintenance • Book Repair and Replacement
• Records Maintenance • Reference Sources Assistance
• Overdue Follow-up • Book Displays

• Reorganized the cataloguing system, making the process 58% less cumbersome to perform than before
• Rearranged the entire library’s books into a “by author” sequence, as opposed to the cumbersome first in, first shelved basis
• Successfully arranged and led a series of in-house reading sessions for 6 year olds for a local community school
• Suggested acquisition of Braille materials to cater to and encourage blind population to make good use of library services


Library Aide | 4/2014 – Present
Loraine Public Library System, Fountain Hill, PA

• Perform circulation desk work including checking books and materials in and out
• Processes withdraws, repairs and reconditioning of library materials
• Categorize library materials according to specified instructions and ensured that standards were adhered to by patrons as well
• Shelf library materials after patrons leave and check for any damages and need for repairs

Library Aide | 1/2011 – 4/2014
City College Library, Fountain Hill, PA

• Assisted patrons in locating library materials by providing them directions or escorting them to shelves and displays
• Provided patrons with assistance in operating mechanical equipment such as microfilms and projectors
• Prepared books for binding purposes
• Contacted vendors to acquire new books
• Contacted patrons to follow-up on overdue books and levy fines on them according to set protocols

Library Intern | 2/2009 – 1/2011
National Library, Fountain Hill, PA

• Greeted library patrons as they arrived and responded to their queries regarding registration and library materials
• Directed or escorted patrons to aisles / shelves where their required materials are placed
• Assisted in locating books, periodicals and magazines and assisted library aides in categorizing them properly
• Mended books and materials and ensured that any beyond damage resources are communicated to the librarian
• Ascertained that all shelves and display units were kept clean and tidy and that library equipment was properly maintained

Fountain Hill Community College, Fountain Hill, PA – 2008
Associate of Science in Library and Information Science