Entry Level Cleaner Resume No Experience

Updated on March 9, 2019

Cleaner Resume No Experience Tips

Begin your resume by analyzing your strengths. Make a list of your transferable cleaning skills.

Take an in-depth look at cleaner job description provided by the employer. That will help you identify the exact and relevant skills from your profile.

Your next step will be to identify your career goal and phrase the same.

Make sure that the objective speaks of your qualifications briefly and lets the employer know exactly what’s in the offering.

You can enter a particular cleaner skills section after the objective since you have practically nothing to write in the experience section.

However, if you have any volunteer work to your credit to make it a point to mention it. You can include your interests and hobbies in a separate section as well.

Last but not least, submitting a cleaner resume with typos or grammatical errors is something you don’t want to do. So make sure your resume is proofread at least twice before sending it.

The following is a cleaner resume sample with no experience in hand. Feel free to customize this resume sample as per your requirements.

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Entry Level Cleaner Resume No Experience



Katherine Lee
877 Renaissance Ave, Columbus, OH 65912
(005) 666-4444

Seeking a cleaner position with T & T cleaning services. Offers skills in performing a wide array of cleaning and maintenance tasks.


• Able to clean carpets, windows, floors, and ceiling
• Skilled in furniture dusting and polishing
• Well versed in toilet cleaning, wiping off switchboards and mopping
• Skilled in hand dusting and wiping clean hard panels and metal fixtures

• Well versed in collecting and taking out the trash
• Able to assist in the kitchen
• Skilled in carrying out heavy laundry

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to comprehend and follow written as well as verbal instructions
• Customer-centered attitude

• In-depth knowledge of precautionary usage guidelines that come in with chemical cleaners
• Deep understanding of acceptable hygiene and sanitation standards
• Aware of precautions in using electrical cleaning equipment in a safe manner
• Familiar with snow clearing procedures, fumigation procedures and fighting rodent manifestations

High School Diploma
St. Mary’s, Columbus, OH | May 2018

• Bilingual (Spanish and English)
• Load lifting ability up to 60 lbs
• Comfortable in using ladders
• Able to work outdoors in rough weather conditions
• Valid driver’s license holder

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