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Updated on May 21, 2019

Still using a generic cover letter to apply for a client associate position?

Perhaps it’s time to write a tailored cover letter.


The reason that customized cover letters have gained so much popularity is quite obvious.

A generic cover letter reflects some lack of interest in the company on your part, which translates into a lack of enthusiasm for the position.

The rule is simple if you can’t take extra time to research about the company and express some knowledge of the same in your cover letter, why should the recruiters take the time to go through your application?

Your cover letter is apparently ‘yours,’ but it shouldn’t be about you.


Always focus on the prospective company.

You have one page to convince them that you could exceed their expectations and hiring you would be beneficial for the firm. Use the words on this page wisely!

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Client Associate Cover Letter Sample


Zack Kinsley
20 Marlin Ave, Sarasota, FL 87221
(000) 878-2012

May 21, 2019

Mr. Bingley Felix
HR Manager
Morgan Stanley Enterprises
670 Horizon Sq
Sarasota, FL 87221


Dear Mr. Felix:

I am very excited to apply as a client associate at Morgan Stanley Enterprises. I offer 7+ years’ experience in the customer service with an exceptional record of enhancing client base of various companies. Being a licensed and seasoned client associate, I believe my profile and enclosed resume would be of interest to you.

I proudly offer all the competencies you have specifically mentioned in the advertisement.

Your Wish

My Command

– CA Registered✔ Series 7 and 63 Registered with valid and current license
– Capable of explaining offered services to clients using remarkable communication skills✔ Exceptional communication skills,  ability to remain updated regarding products and services, capable of briefing new and existing clients regarding the same in a convincing manner
– Able to develop productive clientele and referral base✔ Demonstrated ability to maintain and enhance effective client PR and develop a strong prospective client base
– Skilled in facilitating client’s financial management✔ Well versed in assisting the client in transactions and monetary processing and providing assistance to financial advisors

I am full of innovative ideas to take the level of client services and care to a whole new level, which is something Stanley Morgan could use at present.

If you seek to hire the services of a motivated and experienced candidate in the capacity of a client associate who is fully equipped with all necessary skills needed to multiply your current clientele, call me now at (000) 878-2012 to set up an interview date.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Zack Kinsley

Zack Kinsley

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