5 Payroll Administrator Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 17, 2021

An objective is not a mandatory part of a resume, but resumes carrying an objective statement are preferred by most employers, especially if the candidate is not very experienced.

There are various techniques for writing a career objective for your resume.

In today’s era of target resumes, you need a separate objective for each company.

To write an ideal career objective for the position of payroll administrator, it is best to go through the payroll administrator job description in detail.

Then, move on to what’s you are offering to the employer and how you intend to contribute by utilizing your skills as a payroll administrator.

Here are 5 examples to help you get ideas:

Sample Objectives for Payroll Administrator Resume

1. To work as a payroll administrator for ABC Firm where skills in payroll processing will be utilized to achieve the company’s goals while maintaining high standards.

2. A payroll administrator position with Aspen Dental. Bringing innovative and efficient, computerized payroll interface solutions acquired via three-plus years of experience to make a significant contribution to the success of the clinic.

3. To pursue a challenging position of payroll administrator at XYZ associates. Offering extensive skills in payroll processing, employee payroll cataloging, and payroll conversion procedures, for the benefit of the organization.

Another smart way of writing a career objective for the position of payroll administrator is to mention what you have to offer straight away.

It is advisable to mention the years of experience you offer, and two or three core competencies, specified in the target job’s required skills. For example:

4. Seeking a position as a payroll administrator with ABC Consultants. Offering expertise in payroll processing, time clock interface maintenance, and delivering maximal payroll elucidations.

5. To work for a progressive company as a payroll administrator, where seven-plus years of experience in the field can be utilized for the enhancement of the company’s payroll protocols.