School Administrator Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: July 1, 2017

What is wrong with the following resume objective?

To work for an organization that will provide me with an opportunity to apply my diverse skills in a highly stimulating environment.

Everything is wrong with this resume objective! These 21 words are long-winded and say absolutely nothing worthwhile. Do you see even a single section that indicates what the applicant is applying for? Or how he intends to contribute? Or even how qualified he is? No. There is no such information here. What does that make this resume objective? A recipe for rejection.

There is also one more thing wrong with this objective statement. It is selfish. It seems as if the applicant is looking for an opportunity to enhance his own skills – whatever they may be. There is no mention of what he intends to contribute to the company. What will a prospective employer do with a resume that has this type of information on it? Dump it!

And you really don’t want your resume to be dumped. So never write an objective that is generic in nature. Always be specific by mentioning the position that you are applying for, relevant skills that you have and how you intend to contribute to the company by using those skills. See how simple this is?

Let us help you construct your school administrator resume objective by providing you with samples here:

School Administrator Resume Objective Examples

• Seeking a position as an Administrator at Stevenson School employing expertise in providing administrative support to the school office to ensure smooth work processes.

• Looking for a School Administrator position at Richmond Public Schools using hands-on experience in developing curriculum, handling teacher training and coordinating examination and assessment procedures.

• Desire a School Administrator position at Dallas School System. Offering competencies in handling various aspects of an educational institute, including administrative, financial, marketing, personnel and data management.

• To work for Nobel Learning Communities as a School Administrator utilizing adeptness at developing, managing and operating core administrative systems.

• To obtain employment as a School Administrator with Saint James Academy applying hands-on experience in developing and implementing administrative systems to ensure smooth office and educational functions.

• Seeking a School Administrator position at Delaware Public Schools. Competent at reviewing new school programs, recommending modifications to existing ones and ensuring that overall administrative functionality of the school.

• Desire a position as a School Administrator at Orange County Public Schools making the most of skills in planning class curricula, setting school budgets and assisting teachers with class behavior management.