Entry Level Staff Accountant Cover Letter Sample

Updated September 7, 2019

It is always very important to pay special attention to writing a cover letter when you are applying for an entry-level Staff Accountant position.

Since it may the first job that you are applying for, you need to make sure that the impression you leave is not less than perfect.


Employers make critical decisions as soon as they finish reading a cover letter – remember that the purpose of a cover letter is to get the reader to pick up the accompanying resume which holds a candidate’s profile.

If the cover letter is compelling, the employer will have no choice but to read the resume carefully.

Cover letters are not only written because they look “professional.” They serve a purpose which is to get a candidate’s skills information across to the employer.



Below is an example of an entry-level staff accountant resume looking for a job.

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Entry Level Staff Accountant Cover Letter Sample



77 Generals Way
Dover, DE 11824

September 7, 2019

Mr. Robert Casey
Manage Human Resources
Parker and Lynch
45 Pine Cabin Road
Dover, DE 72910


Dear Mr. Casey:

The prospect of working as a Staff Accountant at Parker and Lynch would be a fulfillment of a major goal since my education and skills are perfectly compatible with your requirements. I have an in-depth knowledge of accounting principles and corresponding preparation and analysis of financial data which I believe goes a long way in making me suitable for this position.

Being a recent accounting graduate from Delaware State University, I am familiar with current and conventional accounting activities. I believe that a combination of practical knowledge and educational excellence will prove to be an asset to your company.

I am a stickler for perfection where reconciliation activities and account analysis are concerned, and this thoroughness has earned me a “perfectionist” reputation at college.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you and discuss my suitability for the role of a Staff Accountant for Parker and Lynch. I am available for an immediate interview and can be reached any time at (000) 654-8541.




Mark Cole

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