Entry Level Accounting Objective Statements

Updated on July 11, 2016

Even though the entire resume is usually read with a lot of interest by prospective employers who want to hire the best, the objective is the part that usually takes up the most of this “interest”. The objective is what tells an employer (initially) that you are capable of communicating your worth to him or her. And since communication is the key feature that employers look for in employees, this can do a lot for your cause as a possible employee. If you are unable to communicate your worth through a short, three line objective, you may be deemed as someone who cannot fit in well.

The objective does not only communicate your communication skills. By reading what you have written in the objective statement, the employer can gauge how well you fit into his plans for the company’s future. So a resume objective is not just important – it is extremely necessary to put it in. However, you cannot just write anything in an objective. You have to be precise and yet provide a huge amount of information regarding who you are and what you can do.

An objective statement will mark the beginning of your resume – and since it is an established fact that first impressions matter, make it sizeable. Here are a few examples of resume objective statements for an entry level accounting resume to help you decide how to word your own:

Entry Level Accounting Resume Objective Examples

• Fresh Accounting graduate looking for a position at Greenscape providing benefit of knowledge of accurately and timely posting and payment of accounts payable invoices.

• Recent accounting graduate seeking an Accounting Assistant position at CORP employing skills in reconciling accounts payable schedules and effectively maintaining financial records.

• A thorough and dedicated individual looking for Accountant position at AGT Co. Exceptional skills in preparing monthly reimbursable backups and handling both accounts payable and receivable activities in an accurate and prompt manner.

• Highly skilled Accounting professional with deep familiarity of maintaining periodical statistical reports, handling vendor invoices and coding credit card receipts from multiple users. Effectively able to adjust journal entries and review expenses. Looking for a position at City Builders to contribute to its bottom line.

• Greenville Technical College’s recent accounting graduate looking for an Accounting Assistant position with Hughes Network Systems. Offering proficiencies in working with spreadsheets and sales and purchase registers, preparing statutory accounts and reconciling financial accounts.

• Fresh and enthusiastic Accountant who is known for academic excellence due to ability to learn accounting principles quickly and apply them appropriately in real life situations. Desire a position at Westler by offering expertise in reconciling bank statements, maintaining accounts databases and posting financial data to appropriate accounts.