Entry Level Accounting Resume No Experience

Updated on: June 12, 2024

Crafting a resume for an entry-level accounting position when you have no direct professional experience can indeed be challenging.

However, by highlighting your academic achievements, relevant coursework, internships, and extracurricular activities, you can create a compelling resume that showcases your potential.

Whether through volunteer work, class projects, or student organization involvement, demonstrating your dedication and acquired skills can significantly boost your chances.

This guide provides a structured template to help you effectively communicate your qualifications and enthusiasm for a career in accounting.

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Entry Level Accounting Resume With No Experience Template

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A highly motivated and detail-oriented recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, seeking an entry-level position to utilize my academic knowledge and gain hands-on experience in accounting. Eager to contribute to the team and grow within the company.


Bachelor of Science in Accounting
[University Name], [City, State]
Graduated: [Month, Year]

  • Relevant Coursework: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Cost Accounting, Business Law


  • [CPA Exam Part Completed or In Progress (if applicable)]
  • [Any other certifications related to accounting or finance]


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Familiar with accounting software such as QuickBooks and Sage
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent attention to detail and organizational abilities
  • Knowledge of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
  • Effective communication and teamwork skills


Accounting Intern (Volunteer)
[Company Name], [City, State]                                                   
[Month, Year] – [Month, Year]

  • Assisted with the preparation of financial reports and statements.
  • Conducted account reconciliations and maintained accurate records.
  • Supported the accounts payable and receivable processes.
  • Assisted in the preparation of tax filings and documentation.

Treasurer (Student Organization)
[Organization Name], [University Name]                                                   
[Month, Year] – [Month, Year]

  • Managed the organization’s budget and financial planning.
  • Recorded and tracked expenses to ensure compliance with the budget.
  • Prepared financial reports and presented them to the board.
  • Coordinated fundraising events and managed financial transactions.


Financial Statement Analysis Project
[University Name]                                                   
[Month, Year] – [Month, Year]

  • Analyzed the financial statements of a publicly traded company.
  • Performed ratio analysis to evaluate the company’s financial health.
  • Prepared a detailed report with findings and recommendations.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Member of the Accounting Club, [University Name]
  • Volunteer at [Community Service or Non-profit Organization]


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