Entry Level Accounting Graduate Resume No Experience

Updated on: May 12, 2022

A resume for an accounting graduate position with no experience will need to be perfect in every sense.

Since you cannot offer experience at this point, you have to offer other elements such as skills and competencies to make up for it.

How to Write a Perfect Resume for an Accounting Graduate With No Experience?

In an entry-level accounting graduate resume, write about any awards and honors that you may have received, or an accounting internship position that you held.

Technically, your resume should highlight the main reason why you should be considered for an accounting clerk position, despite not having any experience.

The resume has to be strong, and bold.

Here is a sample for you to look through:

Sample Accounting Graduate Resume With No Experience

Enoch Clayton
19 Hill Road, Twin Falls, ID36894
(000) 028-9565


Industrious accounting graduate with an inherent interest in complex accounting work. Seeking an accounting position at ABC Company where I will be able to handle all kinds of accounting work, accounts receivable, and payable with exceptional accuracy.


  • Bank Deposits
  • Reconciliation
  • Data Entry
  • Discrepancy Management
  • Bills Processing
  • Deposits
  • Data Compilation
  • Reports Generation
  • Journal Maintenance

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
Idaho State University, Twin Falls, ID – 2021


  • Led the school rugby club for 3 years as a captain.
  • Represented the school at the Annual Mathematics Geniuses Competition, held in Cleveland, TN, in 2021.
  • Stayed at the top of the Dean’s list for 3 years due to exceptional academic progress.


Accounting Intern
American Air Filter Company, Twin Falls, ID
Jan 2022 – Apr 2022

  • Assisted in reviewing vouchers and requisitions.
  • Made corrections to transaction documents.
  • Entered accounting data into the system.
  • Counted and balanced daily drops.
  • Processed accounts payable and receivable documents.
  • Supported invoice analysis in order to ensure reconciliation.
  • Ensured data integrity by checking accounting entries.
  • Posted and balanced accounts.
  • Contacted customers in order to remind them of outstanding payments.
  • Prepared cash discrepancy reports and processed deposits according to instructions.



  • Led an environmental campaign to clean beaches, under the umbrella of LEAD USA.
  • Headed a team of volunteers providing companionship at the local old people’s home.

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