Accounting Manager Cover Letter Example

Updated on: February 11, 2022

Accounting Managers are required to manage tasks about accounts receivable/payable, billing, and cash management. 

They need to possess excellent organizational skills and managing acumen.

The following cover letter sample shows in detail what hiring managers require to write.

Accounting Manager Cover Letter Sample

Kevin Bacon
4252 Hopespring Drive
Orlando, FL 99033
(000) 582-2222
kevin @ email . com

February 11, 2022

Mrs. Cassandra Leigh
Manager HR
Beacon Partners
423 Pine Valley Circle
Orlando, FL 90111

Re: Accounting Manager Position (Job ID 098)

Dear Mrs. Leigh:

Upon seeing your advertisement for an accounting manager position at Beacon Partners, I am submitting my application for the same. I am delighted at the prospect of working with an organization that is reputed to be professional to the core. My knowledge, experience, skills, and expertise can bring a positive change to the accounts department of Beacon Partners.

Working with numbers has been a passion for me ever since I chose accounting as my major during high school. I have acquired much accounting acumen over the seven years that I have worked professionally in this field. I possess a sound background in accounting owing to my Master’s Degree from the Orlando Business School and relevant accounts management experience,

My knowledge of AR and AP along with a strong base of cash management procedures provides me with a profound ability to manipulate advanced workbooks. Possessing an understanding of financial reporting, accounting controls, and the laws and procedures that govern these actions, I am confident that I am just the right candidate for this position.

I look forward to meeting you in person and discussing the business ideas that I have. I will call your office next week to follow up and will be available at (000) 582-2222 if you need any additional information from my side.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kevin Bacon

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