An objective statement for an account manager resume is usually employer’s first impression of you. The objective section is the most important section of the resume and must be tailored cleverly to suit the demands of the target position.

Before writing an objective statement, shortlist your skills and select two or three core competencies to include in your objective.

Following are some well designed objective examples for an account manager resume.

Sample Objectives for Account Manager Resume

The most common format of an objective statement to date is perhaps the simple single liner, stating the name of position being sought, and the firm it is being sought at along with a brief mention of two to three core competencies. Experts believe such objectives work well and shift the employer’s attention automatically to the candidate’s skills section.

• Seeking a challenging position of account manager with XYZ Company utilizing ability to manage a portfolio of accounts. Eager to generate new business through referral and maintaining good relationships with clients.

Another objective statement format which is rapidly gaining popularity is the performance summary format. This is a dual purpose statement that serves as an objective as well as summary. It is more like a branded statement of objective.

• Highly resourceful account manager seeking work in the same capacity with XYZ. Offers expertise in payroll processing, business solicitation and log handling.

• An industrious and meticulous financial professional with exceptional skills in monetary administration in addition to deep knowhow regarding payroll processing protocols. Willing to contribute to the success of ABC Company in capacity of an account manager.

Keeping in view the rapidly changing and evolving trends in today’s writing style and job market, some experts recommend forming the objective statement in a more personalized tone. They argue that such statements tend to have a better impression on the potential employers since they reflect an ownership of the position on part of the candidate.

• I am interested in an account manager position at a progressive organization, wherein extensive knowledge in financial accounting and customer dealing acumen can be utilized for the benefit of the company.

• Eager to contribute to the profitability of Tektronix in the role of an account manager. Bringing effective account management skills and perfect analytical thinking ability.