Resume objectives are merely job seekers’ idealization of available positions. Mostly, these sentence fragments fail to deliver what they are meant to. The reason is their inability to provide real specificity about either the desired job or the person writing the statement. The good news is that resume objectives are not required components of resumes. However, if you put one in, you are killing two birds with one stone:

1. Providing a short overview of yourself, making it possible for the employer to see you as a good candidate for a position.

2. Increasing your chances of gaining employment even if the hiring manager does not bother looking through the entire resume.

Objectives provide direction to a resume. Without one, you risk a hiring manager believing that you lack direction and your resume may be put down to being “not good enough”. Mostly, objectives are used in resumes that are written for entry level positions or those that signify career changes. However, many job seekers write objectives on their resumes even if they are experienced in a certain area. Whether to write a resume objective or use a summary instead is at the sole discretion of the job seeker.

Some examples of well-written resume objectives for an advertising account manager position are provided below:

Advertising Account Manager Resume Objectives

• Goal-oriented Advertising Account Manager looking for a challenging position at DEX Media with an emphasis on presenting pitches and costs to clients, based on their specific advertising needs.

• Passionate individual looking for a position as an Advertising Account Manager at The Warren Group utilizing 5+ years’ progressive experience in devising advertising campaigns that meet clients’ specific requirements, with a special focus on increasing their presence in the market.

• Top-performing marketing professional seeking an Advertising Account Manager position at Winona Daily News using expertise in earmarking accounts with shrinking revenues and finding effective promotional solutions with a view to retain their accounts.

• Desire an Advertising Account Manager position at Dierbergs. Offering 7 years’ track record of introducing campaign concepts, standards and ideas to clients, while staying within budget limitations.

• To work for The Tribune as an Advertising Account Manager. Offers diverse skills in creating advertising solutions contracts, negotiating contract deals and handling timescales properly to ensure delivery of well-designed advertising programs.

• Looking for an Advertising Account Manager position with MultiView Inc. Eager to build and maintain solid relationships with assigned clients to determine their advertising needs and assisting in developing, coordinating and facilitating strategic communications to ensure on-time delivery of advertising plans.