Top 5 Volunteer Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: September 6, 2022

People are interested in volunteer positions for various reasons.

Students take up such positions to gain experience in their field of interest.

Retired professionals do so to broaden their horizons while some people perform volunteer services to fill in their spare hours.

Objective statements are continued to be the opening section of volunteer or entry-level resumes to date.

An objective statement on your volunteer resume must demonstrate your value.

Since this is the first thing potential employers will learn about you, try to make it meaningful. State the crux of what you offer in the field.

A well-drafted volunteer resume objective should clearly state the exact position being sought.

It is also important to mention the word volunteer in your objective since it serves as a keyword when employers search for volunteer resumes on the internet.

In addition to mentioning the type of work you are seeking, it is of equal importance to mention some of the capabilities that you believe could come in handy at work.

In this way your objective statement will become more like an offering statement which would carry more meaning for the employer, enhancing your chances of being selected.

The following are some volunteer objective examples for your guidance. These can be used for your volunteer resume with some changes and variations suiting the organization you plan to volunteer at.

Sample Objectives for Volunteer Resume

Volunteer Resume Objectives For Advertised Positions

Building a resume objective for an advertised volunteer position is slightly different from that of an unadvertised post. If the position has been advertised, you know the exact title of the position and you can directly target the same.

1. To obtain the position of community volunteer with XYZ Company. Certified in first aid and CPR. Particularly effective in office management and record keeping. Good time management, interpersonal and communication skills.

2. Seeking employment as a volunteer office assistant at ABC Company where skills in file cataloging, front desk handling and calendar keeping could come in handy to contribute to the mission of the company.

3. Striving for the position of volunteer research associate at the State University. Bringing expertise in data collection and analysis for enhancement of the research cell.

Volunteer Resume Objectives For Unadvertised Positions

In case the position is not advertised, you need to put in some extra effort to come up with a selling objective statement. Find out what department of the target organization hires volunteers and mention your interests in the objective instead of specifying a position title.

4. Seeking volunteer work in the marketing department of AA Company. Excited to productively utilize my superior persuasive and marketing skills.

5. Looking for a volunteer position in a community center. Offering functional knowledge of community resources deployment means coupled with exceptional motivational skills.