Choose any resume sample off the shelf. What is the first thing that you see after the applicant’s contact information? The resume objective! There is a strong reason for the objective to be placed high up on the resume. It matters. The purpose of an objective is to create a positive first impression while ensuring that the reader discovers the applicant in 3 sentences or less.

How is that even possible? It is. The power of words can make an objective come alive – the better your writing skills are, the more chances you have of obtaining a job interview. Some applicants who do not yet understand the importance of the resume objective, insist on creating their resumes without one. This may be career suicide. An entire resume, spanning 2 pages or more is hardly ever read with too much concentration by hiring managers who are short both on time and patience. Give the hiring manager 20 seconds and he will finish reading the entire resume – and would have made an impression about you before you can mouth the word “oh”!

On the other hand, if a resume has an objective sitting right at the top, there is a great chance that the hiring manager will spend these 20 seconds reading it and absorbing the information in it. So even if he doesn’t read the rest of the resume, he will know enough about you to form a positive impression in his head. This is how resume objectives are usually written:

Account Coordinator Resume Objectives

• Seeking an Account Coordinator position at Creative Doors using 2 years’ hands-on experience in interacting with corporate clients and providing them with a solid account support system.

• Highly ambitious, well-organized and meticulous individual seeking an Account Coordinator position with MWW Group. Offers expertise in identifying client-relevant media coverage, and securing proactive publicity for clients, according to their specific requirements.

• Diligent Account Coordinator with over 3 years of relevant experience, anticipating a position at Ebates Inc. Eager to apply well-placed skills in delivering high quality written and verbal content and supporting implementation of account plans.

• Exceptionally talented and diligent Account Coordinator with 3 years’ successful track record seeking a position at Access Systems. Profocient in handling social media and online communities in relation to broad media mixes, and adeptness in researching and preparing materials for new business opportunities and client presentations.

• Looking for a position as an Account Coordinator at Worldgroup providing extensive insight into identifying and targeting opportunities to expand and improve company presence.