Whether or not to include an objective statement in an account specialist resume these days is a big debate. While most modern employers like to see a summary instead of an objective on top of resumes they receive, many experts still recommend topping your resume with an objective.

The final decision of adding an objective statement to your account specialist resume is obviously your own call. It is common practice to add a resume if you are at entry level or changing your career and employers do expect an objective in resumes under such circumstances. Some mid career level candidates and professionals also chose to include an objective statement in their resumes, however the practice is not very common. If you have decided to include an objective, you need to consider the following guidelines.

• Make it about the employer, not about your self
• Format it like a summary of your competencies
• Showcase two or three most wanted skills in your objective
• Instill creativity in your statement, it is your primary marketing tool
• Use strong and relevant adjectives
• Do not make it too long
• Mention your best capabilities, but don’t make it sound like self praise

Account Specialist Resume Objective Examples

Following are some conventional account specialist resume objective examples for your guidance.

• To secure a challenging position with ABC Company in capacity of account specialist where account handling skills and client care experience could be utilized for the benefit of the firm.

• To attain an account specialist position with a progressive company that could use extensive skills in account opening, preliminary data collection and account trend analysis.

• Looking for an account specialist position with The NPD Group. Bringing 7+ years of experience in customer service, sales, account management and relation building.

Incorporating strong descriptive words or adjectives into the objective statement is common practice these days and also serves as a smart solution to the summary versus objective issue. You can make your objective sound like a summary! View the following examples:

• Courteous and dedicated account specialist seeking work in the relevant field. Offering experience in facilitating account related issue resolution, understanding and catering for client’s needs and soliciting new accounts using client referral base.

• A focused and customer oriented account specialist, seeking a similar position with Providence Health. Well versed in handling collection activities related to delinquent accounts, processing payments and handling of correspondence and transactional documents.

• Looking to contribute effectively to the progress of XYZ Company in capacity of an account specialist. Offering following strengths:

– Billing discrepancy resolutions
­ – Customer accounts maintenance
­ – Credit verifications
­ – Account trend analysis and reporting