Training and Development Manager Objectives for Resume

Updated on: October 7, 2017

A resume is not complete if it begins abruptly. Abrupt resumes are very difficult to comprehend, even if the hiring manager is a pro at processing them. Generally, it is difficult for hiring managers to gauge what a candidate wants to say through a resume, if the introduction part is not informative.

Objectives serve as introductions, allowing hiring managers to determine what an individual is capable of. And since many resumes go unread, the objective serves to highlight a candidate’s specific abilities and qualifications in a summarized form, allowing the prospective employer to gauge his capabilities in a profound manner.

Basically, you should never send a resume out unless it has an objective or summary statement included in it. A good beginning means a good ending – that is how you should perceive this. Work on writing a solid resume objective, and you will see that it is the best job application decision that you have made. Let us now discuss what a resume objective is all about. An objective is a short snippet of your abilities and skills as they relate to a certain job. The main idea behind writing one is to communicate what your worth is – in less than what can be considered a paragraph.

Have a look at the following examples of resume objectives for a training and development manager:


Sample Objectives for Training and Development Manager Resume


• Results-oriented leader seeking a position as a Training and Development Manager at Monogram Food Solutions. Bringing a track record of success creating and implementing individualized training and development programs, to meet the specific requirements of each employee.

• To leverage my talents as a Training and Development Manager for NCLH Corporation utilizing proficiencies in assessing training needs through surveys, interviews with employees, and consultations with managers. Skilled in strategizing core development and training programs, to meet the needs of groups and individuals.

• Looking a position as a Training and Development Manager at Austin Industries. Eager to apply adeptness at designing and implementing training schedules and programs, and assessing existing program modules to provide required modifications, in sync with employees’ dynamic needs.

• Desire a Training and Development Manager position at Sysco Inc. Offering exceptional comprehension of monitoring and evaluating training and development programs, and ensuring that all training initiatives are properly handled and led to fruition.

• Competent, qualified, analytic, and resourceful individual, presently seeking a position as a Training and Development Manager at Securitas Inc providing benefit of exceptional skills and experience in supporting full talent cycle programs across the company, to include induction and onboarding, learning, and performance management initiatives.