A job description is a very crucial document, there is a lot more to it than just serving as a tool for recruitment. Job descriptions not only set the mark for expected employee performance, but might also occasionally serve as basis of contract between employee and employer. It is therefore very important to compose concise yet comprehensive job descriptions to attract the suitable candidates for application.

Job descriptions for Corporate Account Manager may vary as per requirements of the employer. However, some basic functions recur in all job descriptions.

Following is a good example of job description for the position of corporate account manager.

Corporate Account Manager Job Description

• Seek out potential clients and establish deals with them which are mutually beneficial for the company and client
• Maintain, develop and follow up further business relationship with existing clients
• Maintain a detailed portfolio of customer relationships and follow up the top tier client after every deal to ensure client satisfaction
• Analyze individual customer needs and communicate the same to the production management
• Generate weekly feedback reports based on interaction and meetings with clients
• Come up with ideas and mutually beneficial joint ventures in order to enhance the client-company relationships
• Extend business relations, arrange and attend social gatherings to promote and project associates
• Demonstrate high quality Public Relations expertise and etiquette and implement the same among the sales team
• Groom, guide and train account managers in the sub offices on lines of establishing and maintaining profitable business relationships with potential customers
• Lead the sales team with utmost team spirit and sales passion in order to motivate them and extract their maximum potential

Desired Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
• Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills
• Must possess unusual power of persuasion
• Knowledge of Public Relations etiquette
• Ability to multitask, manage and organize client data
• Basic computer skills must be possessed by the candidate

Required Education, Qualifications & Experience
Bachelors in: Business Administration, Accounts, Management or related field
Minimum 2 years in Sales Management with proven ability to enhance company-client relations