In a resume of courier, postal carrier or despatch rider, highlight your skills and knowledge along with any experience in collecting packages, documents and messages, and carry them to customers. Mention your enthusiasm to work in all kinds of areas such as larger towns and cities and cross-country deliveries. A basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance will be a plus when looking for resume. You may use the following template while writing your courier resume.

While submitting a job application for a position of courier, you have an edge that you do not require any specific education or qualifications to become a courier. Therefore, it will be just your resume which can make you stand-out. Employers just tend to look for excellent English and math skills, which you would require to manage related paperwork and for following directions.

You would just require a valid driving license of the state along with a good driving record. If you desire to work as a motorcycle courier, you would usually require your own motorbike.

As a motorcycle or bicycle courier, you would typically work inside city centers and nearby areas. If you work as a van courier, you might have to spend long periods away from home town, because a number of companies deliver goods from corner to corner the country.

Tip: Send this Courier Cover Letter along with your job application and resume.


Courier Resume Sample



Michael Smith

65 Example Street, Reston, VA 65214
Contact #, Email

Seeking a position of courier with USPS where excellent analytical and driving skills can be utilized to improve the company’s profitability and efficiency

• Excellent driving skills and road sense
• Demonstrated ability to read maps and plan routes
• Pleasant mannered, reliable and honest
• In-depth knowledge of vehicle maintenance
• Proven record of good driving
• Outstanding level of fitness
• Good geographical knowledge of city

Mar 2011 – Dec 2011
CACI International, Inc. – Reston, VA
Mail Clerk / Courier
• Collected the program of pick-up points and delivery addresses
• Planned routes and sorted packages into order of dropping-off points
• Signed for packages and took signatures at the time of delivery
• Kept official procedure and delivery records up to date
• Defined the quickest route to delivery addresses

High School Diploma – 2010

Valid Driving License – Reston VA

• Good communication skills
• Excellent English and math skills
• Demonstrated ability to work unsupervised
• Profound ability to work to tight schedules

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