Practice Nurse Resume Sample

Updated on: June 15, 2019

No matter what technology you use in a resume (fonts, colors, graphics, or photographs), what eventually does impress the employer is the relevance of information in it.

This is not to mention the technology has no role in a resume – the fact that technology should be used in sync with relevant content is what is being stressed upon here.


Practice Nurse resumes should be detailed yet concise.

See the sample below to get a better idea.

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Practice Nurse Resume Example


Diane Griffin
20 Cottonwood Park Road, Wheatland, WY 11023
(000) 855-2142


Dedicated, helpful, and compassionate individual skilled in identifying patient care requirements by establishing a personal rapport with patients. Highly experienced in providing direct care to ensure patients’ health and wellbeing.

• Documented success in establishing compassionate clinical environments by providing emotional, psychological, and spiritual support to patients and families.
• First-hand experience in instituting patient care goals to promote each patient’s independence.
• Proven ability to perform nursing operations particular to different age groups including pediatric, geriatric, and adult patients.
• Focused on delivering patient care following each patient’s requirements and care plan.


• Family Planning
• Patient Education
• Sample Collection
• Health Promotion
• Contraception
• Health Plan Creation
• Diabetes Management
• Family Support
• Patient Triaging
• Asthma Monitoring
• Wound Treatment
• Patient Scheduling
• Emotional Guidance
• Immunizations
• Cervical Cytology

• Reduced teenage pregnancies within the community by 50% by providing detailed information to teenagers about contraception through seminars
• Created a series of “general” health plans for diabetes and hypertension patients, making it easy to tweak them to individual patient’s specific needs
• Led a team of nursing professionals to immunize community members against re-occurring diseases such as German Pox and Meningitis
• Implemented an effective patient scheduling plan which reduced problems associated with timely follow-up


Practice Nurse
CARE PLUS, Wheatland, WY | 2012-present

• Develop and implement nursing care plans to meet the individual needs of individual patients
• Review implemented nursing care plans to determine the need for changes or additions
• Provide healthcare instruction and guidance to patients and families to ensure proper management of their healthcare needs
• Administer medication both orally, intra-muscularly and intravenously by first determining the type of medication and what the patient’s healthcare plan dictates
• Provide direct nursing care by assessing patients and identifying their illnesses and diseases

Practice Nurse
CITY HEALTHCARE, Wheatland, WY | 2007-2012

• Promoted care for patients with chronic problems such as SLE, MS, and MG
• Handled immunizations for all age groups including, pediatric, adult and geriatric patients
• Provided education to patients and their families on handling in-home care and self-medication
• Observed patients to determine signs of distress or discomfort and alert doctors immediately

Student Nurse
THE DIAGNOSTIC CLINIC, Wheatland, WY | 2005-2007

• Scheduled appointments and handled patient follow-up procedures
• Assisted in assessing patients by taking and recording vitals such as blood pressure and pulse
• Administered oral medication according to patients’ designated care plans
• Monitored patients to determine signs of deterioration or improvement and provided feedback to doctors
• Ascertained that all patient areas are kept clean and sanitized to ward of chances of infection and diseases

Advanced Practice Nurse
State of Wyoming | 2005

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing | 2004
City Technical College, Wheatland, WY

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