One of the best pieces of advice that you will get from anyone is to focus on your achievements instead of work duties, especially when writing a resume. But the first thing that you need to do is separate your achievements from your duties. They are not the same. Simply speaking, duties are what you […]

Overview A resume for accounting analyst position is an integral part of your job application process. You need to put in your professional achievements, experience, skills and educational information in your resume. There are many things that you must never put in a resume such as salary requirements or date of birth information. Look at […]

Accounting analyst cover letters are all about explaining why you are a top candidate. Your basic message should be along the lines of – these are the examples of the work I have done and the things that I have achieved, which are exact matches for your requirements. Once it is established in a cover […]

Every job application document has a certain pattern that it must follow. Where resumes are concerned, it is important to follow the pattern that dictates that they must be opened with a short summary – aka the objective. An objective is a short blurb at the beginning of a resume that effectively outlines an applicant’s […]

Skills are the main reason a hiring manager will hire you. Does it make sense to highlight them in a resume? The answer is yes. When you are at this side of the employment bar, you have a lot of limitations. You need the job that the employer has to offer, but you cannot obtain […]

Accounting analysts are individuals who spend a lot of time and effort in processing transactional accounting data for their assigned areas of responsibility. In essence, they are the top people who make sure that all financial and accounting transactions within the company are properly handled so that they do not have a negative effect on […]

Career objectives define our career motives to an employer who does not know anything about us. Since the resume is your first connection with an employer, the career objective needs to be built upon so that it can communicate your professional standing in a clear and concise manner. While it is not recommended to write […]