Career objectives define our career motives to an employer who does not know anything about us. Since the resume is your first connection with an employer, the career objective needs to be built upon so that it can communicate your professional standing in a clear and concise manner. While it is not recommended to write […]

Writing a resume is easy if you have tons of experience to show off. If you have none, or limited experience, the job becomes a bit dodgy. This is because lack of experience automatically translates into lack of information on a resume. The end result is a short and awkward looking resume. Does that make […]

Attempting to write a cover letter for the first time might leave you in complete shock. You will probably be thinking about a dozen things since the “experts” want you to follow a dozen rules to write a cover letter. Seriously, there aren’t many rules unless you count the cover letter format. When you’re writing […]

  Using appropriate language and self-confidence are two very important factors in acing an accounting internship interviews. When you use the right sentences and exude confidence, the interviewer is forced to pay attention to you. Especially if you are appearing for a first ever interview, these two things are extremely important. As far as actual […]

Even though the entire resume is usually read with a lot of interest by prospective employers who want to hire the best, the objective is the part that usually takes up the most of this “interest”. The objective is what tells an employer (initially) that you are capable of communicating your worth to him or […]

Presenting your skills at the very beginning of a resume is an opportunity that you should never let go. Considered as one of the most important parts of a resume, writing an objective must never be overlooked. As a clear and brief statement of your ambitions, the resume objective is a force that can get […]

Short resume objectives are never a problem – long ones that say a lot and still don’t say much are. When a prospective employer picks up a resume, he is surely not looking for a lot of information. In fact, he is looking for information that is precise but well, informational! So even if your […]