Call center agents work at inbound and outbound call centers where their major responsibility is to answer for the queries and concerns of clients. Call center agents need top be extremely well versed in their work as the company’s reputation depends largely on their ability to provide a positive impression.

Call Center professionals must take advantage of every possible opportunity to distinguish their credentials, personal attributes, and experience from the rest of applicants applying for the similar job. In today’s highly spirited Call Center jobs, a creative and attentively composed cover letter can make a vital impact on hiring committee.

Look at the following example of Call Center Agent cover letter which will provide you with a basic idea how a call center agent will depict his skills in doing this job in a cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter for Call Center Agent Resume


1275 Corning Street
Anniston, AL 66645

August 22, 2014

Mr. Neil Dixon
Manager HR
9033 Lee Road
Anniston, AL 74645


Dear Mr. Dixon:

I recognize MBS as a leading service provider that handles accounts of all the major companies in Alabama. I would like to be associated with your project by offering my services for the position of a Call Center Agent, as advertised in The Daily Ads. As an enthusiastic individual with excellent self motivation skills and the ability to focus on customer, I am confident that I can make a significant contribution to your organization.

Previously, I worked in a similar capacity at Freezone Internet where my responsibilities included managing both inbound and outbound calls. I possess a solid background in taking incoming calls and providing information to customers in the minimum of time. Moreover, I have the ability to assure quality in each call as I understand the value of time for both the customers and the company.

Possessing an inborn ability to work in a fast-paced and result-oriented environment, I have the knowledge of up-selling the company’s products and services to existing customers and soliciting business from new customers through sales calls. Since I am bilingual in Spanish and English, I can work with more customers effectively.

I am looking forward to meeting you to discuss my ideas for which I will call you next week to ask for an interview. I may be contacted at (020) 777-7777 if you need any more information that my resume does not hold. Thank you for considering my application.


Sincerely yours,

Carla Higgss

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