A cover letter for a Sales Specialist position is an important part of your job application as this decides whether a prospective employer will attain interest to read your resume or not.

In your cover letter, convey your relevant skills with confidence and stay positive. Don’t dwell on your background which does not match with the job description. Also keep away from mentioning any kind of shortcoming, however, emphasize your core competencies and strengths in the field of sales. In addition, keep away from overstate your level of ability or experience. For instance, two part time jobs at a department store do not make up “extensive” sales management experience.

The following example will enable you to prepare an attractive cover letter for your resume.


Sample Cover Letter for Sales Specialist Resume

456 Turnpoint North Street
Bethel, CT 02311

May 15, 2012

Mr. Doug Dallas
Senior Manager
Aspire Technologies
23 Quaker Ridge
Bethel, CT 02355


Dear Mr. Dallas:

This is with reference to your advertisement for the opening of a Sales Specialist at Aspire Technologies. I want to be considered for this position because my qualifications, education and experience have provided me with adequate capability to perform this job efficiently. Please find my resume enclosed with this application for your consideration.

My experience in the field of sales has enabled me to expand upon existing systems and introduce working models for better sales and customer satisfaction. As you will note from my enclosed resume, I have gained hands on experience in sales field from my employment at Siemens Energy. There, I effectively promoted sales of product lines and exceeded territory budgetary goals by 40% through consultative sales success across key product areas.  I also attained the maximum level of customer satisfaction by providing: feasible quotes, answering inquiries, investigating complaints, managing orders and taking immediate right action, and providing after-sales support making use of all available resources.

Furthermore, I am a focused individual and pride myself as quite knowledgeable about the activities that need to be taken into account while promoting products and services. My aptitude to understand a large variety of goods enables me to keep ahead at all times and also enables me to work both indoors and outdoors when required.

As an enthusiastic Sales Specialist, I would welcome the chance of an interview to discuss my background I’ve outlined in the enclosed resume. I am available on my cell phone on most occasions at (000) 222-9861 or via email at (Email).

Thank you for your time and interest.



Sally Higgins

Enc. Resume