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Do you want your seamstress resume to move straight into an electronic resume management database?

Well, then your resume must not be ordinary.

Scanning resumes and putting them away in a database for future reference is something that companies do on a large scale. Eventually, when they are looking for the right candidate, they look through these resumes to find the perfect match. But unfortunately, it is not as simple as that.

While your resume for seamstress position may be extremely well-written and be an exact match to the requirements of the job, you cannot discount the fact that your resume may not have been scanned well. Using unclear and unreadable type fonts can contribute to this problem as can reverse printing. Keep your resume simple, to the point and informational.

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Seamstress Resume Example



Lara Polish

1003 Washington Street ● Portland, OR 60367 ● (000) 999-9999 ● polishl @ email . com


Creative and self-motivated sewing professional with extensive experience in creating custom tailored clothes. Familiar with popular trends in fashion and garment design. A versatile individual with strong competence in creating high-quality merchandise in accordance with popular trends.

Solid technical background in working with leather, knits, double face, and beading. Track record of designing and stitching a wide variety of clothes for men and women. Able to use correlating equipment such as sewing machines, overlock machines, and steam irons.


– Sewing techniques – Straight stitch – Clothing arrangements
– Pattern making – Alteration – Drape and proportions
– Lace design – Fabric selection – Delicate fabric handling
– Specialized garments – Wedding gown design – Measurements

• Designed the fishtail dress, worn by the movie star Scarlet Johansen at the BAFTA Awards 2014.
• Reigned in marathon dressmaking run for an annual play, for an entire junior school, boasting of 554 students.
• Introduced the concept of double over lock, thereby decreasing customer dissatisfaction by 90%.
• Created the store best design, which was completely sold out by the end of the 1st week.


Trump Clothesline, Portland, OR | 6/2012 to Present
• Confer with customers to determine their clothes making needs.
• Take notes of special instructions provided at the time of discussion.
• Suggest possible fabrics and colors that complement customers’ designs.
• Provide information on popular designs and trends in the market.
• Show customers different catalogs or profile of stitched clothes to choose from.
• Take customers’ measurements and orders for alterations.
• Provide customers with information on cuts and styles that will suit them.
• Take final orders and provide a timeline for delivery.
• Select fabrics, buttons, laces, trims, and hems and sew clothes according to instructions provided.
• Perform overlocking activities to ensure proper finish is given to the end product.
• Provide customers with information on pricing and delivery time of the stitched product.
• Research popular fashion trends and competition information and emulate them, keeping originality in mind.

Seams, Portland, OR | 1/2009 to 5/2010
Tailoring Apprentice
• Took customers’ sizes or measurements and noted them down for reference purposes.
• Assisted seamstress in picking fabrics and colors for designated stitching project.
• Contacted vendors and suppliers to check availability and price of cloth, buttons, trims, and laces.
• Procured supplies and maintained the inventory of acquired supplies and stitching equipment.
• Provided support is running and maintaining stitching equipment.

G.E.D | St. John’s High School, Portland, OR | 2008

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