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Updated: March 17, 2023
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Lara Polish
Portland, OR
(000) 623-5212
[email protected] email . com


Creative and self-motivated sewing professional with 9+ years of extensive experience in creating custom-tailored clothes. Familiar with popular trends in fashion and garment design. A versatile individual who is competent in creating high-quality products in accordance with popular trends.

Solid technical background in working with leather, knits, double face, and beading. Track record of designing and stitching a wide variety of clothes for men and women. Able to use correlating equipment such as sewing machines, overlock machines, and steam irons.

– Sewing techniques – Pattern Making
– Lace design – Specialized garments
– Straight stitch – Alteration
– Fabric selection – Clothing arrangements
– Drape and proportions – Delicate fabric handling
– Measurements – Wedding gown design


  • Designed the fishtail dress, worn by the movie star Scarlet Johansen at the BAFTA Awards 2014.
  • Reigned in a marathon dressmaking run for an annual play, for an entire junior school, boasting of 554 students.
  • Introduced the concept of double overlock, decreasing customer dissatisfaction rate by 90%.
  • Created the store’s best design, which was completely sold out by the end of the 1st week.


Trump Clothesline, Portland, OR
8/2016 – Present

  • Confer with customers in order to determine their clothes-making needs.
  • Take notes of special instructions provided at the time of discussion.
  • Suggest possible fabrics and colors that complement customers’ designs.
  • Provide information on popular designs and trends in the market.
  • Show customers different catalogs or profiles of stitched clothes to choose from.
  • Take customers’ measurements and orders for alterations.

ABC Company, Portland, OR
6/2012 – 8/2016

  • Provided customers with information on cuts and styles.
  • Took final orders and provided a timeline for delivery.
  • Selected fabrics, buttons, laces, trims, and hems.
  • Sewed clothes according to instructions.
  • Performed overlocking activities to ensure a proper finish.
  • Provided customers with information on pricing.
  • Researched popular fashion trends and competition information.

Tailoring Apprentice
Seams, Portland, OR
10/2009 – 5/2012

  • Took customers’ sizes or measurements and noted them down for reference purposes.
  • Assisted seamstress in picking fabrics and colors for a designated stitching project.
  • Contacted vendors and suppliers to check the availability and price of cloth, buttons, trims, and laces.
  • Procured supplies and maintained the inventory of acquired supplies and stitching equipment.
  • Provided support in running and maintaining stitching equipment.

St. John’s High School, Portland, OR | 2008

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