2 Seamstress Resume Samples (How to Write)

Updated on: August 12, 2023
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A seamstress resume is the most important part of your job application documents. It contains information about your qualifications and experiences.

The following are 2 great resume samples for the seamstress position. Feel free to tailor the content of these sample resumes to your own skills, experiences, and qualifications when creating your own seamstress resume.

Seamstress Resume Example 1

Lara Polish
Portland, OR
(000) 623-5212
polish@ email . com


Creative and self-motivated sewing professional with 9+ years of extensive experience in creating custom-tailored clothes. Familiar with popular trends in fashion and garment design. A versatile individual who is competent in creating high-quality products in accordance with popular trends. Solid technical background in working with leather, knits, double face, and beading. Track record of designing and stitching a wide variety of clothes for men and women. Able to use correlating equipment such as sewing machines, overlock machines, and steam irons.

– Sewing techniques – Pattern Making
– Lace design – Specialized garments
– Straight stitch – Alteration
– Fabric selection – Clothing arrangements
– Drape and proportions – Delicate fabric handling
– Measurements – Wedding gown design


  • Designed the fishtail dress, worn by the movie star Scarlet Johansen at the BAFTA Awards 2022.
  • Reigned in a marathon dressmaking run for an annual play, for an entire junior school, boasting 554 students.
  • Introduced the concept of double overlock, decreasing customer dissatisfaction rate by 90%.
  • Created the store’s best design, which was completely sold out by the end of the 1st week.


Trump Clothesline, Portland, OR
8/2016 – Present

  • Confer with customers in order to determine their clothes-making needs.
  • Take notes of special instructions provided at the time of discussion.
  • Suggest possible fabrics and colors that complement customers’ designs.
  • Provide information on popular designs and trends in the market.
  • Show customers different catalogs or profiles of stitched clothes to choose from.
  • Take customers’ measurements and orders for alterations.

ABC Company, Portland, OR
6/2012 – 8/2016

  • Provided customers with information on cuts and styles.
  • Took final orders and provided a timeline for delivery.
  • Selected fabrics, buttons, laces, trims, and hems.
  • Sewed clothes according to instructions.
  • Performed overlocking activities to ensure a proper finish.
  • Provided customers with information on pricing.
  • Researched popular fashion trends and competition information.

Tailoring Apprentice
Seams, Portland, OR
10/2009 – 5/2012

  • Took customers’ sizes or measurements and noted them down for reference purposes.
  • Assisted seamstress in picking fabrics and colors for a designated stitching project.
  • Contacted vendors and suppliers to check the availability and price of cloth, buttons, trims, and laces.
  • Procured supplies and maintained the inventory of acquired supplies and stitching equipment.
  • Provided support in running and maintaining stitching equipment.

St. John’s High School, Portland, OR | 2008

Seamstress Resume Example 2

Jane Paris
(000) 125-8541
[email protected]
Houston, TX

Highly skilled and detail-oriented Seamstress with over 5 years of experience in garment stitching and alterations. Demonstrated expertise in pattern making, machine sewing, and fabric selection. Committed to delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Proficient in pattern-making and garment construction
  • Extensive knowledge of sewing techniques and fabric types
  • Attention to detail and precision in measuring and fitting garments
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work collaboratively
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills


ABC Clothing Co., Houston, TX
January 2017 – Present

  • Measure and fit clients for custom-made garments
  • Construct apparel using industrial sewing machines and hand-stitching techniques
  • Perform alterations and repairs on various types of clothing
  • Interpret and modify patterns to meet clients’ specifications
  • Collaborate with designers and pattern makers to bring designs to life

Seamstress Assistant
XYZ Tailoring Services, Houston, TX
June 2015 – December 2016

  • Assisted senior seamstress in garment construction and alteration tasks
  • Operated sewing machines and performed basic stitching and hemming
  • Managed inventory of sewing supplies and fabrics
  • Assisted with measurements and fittings for clients

Certificate in Fashion Design and Sewing
Anytown Fashion Institute, Houston, TX
May 2015

How to Write a Great Resume for Seamstress Position?

Writing a compelling resume for a seamstress position requires highlighting your relevant skills, and experiences, and showcasing your attention to detail.

Use the following guidelines to create an impressive resume:

Format & Structure

1. Header and Contact Information: 
Begin with your full name, phone number, email address, and any relevant social media handles. This enables employers to easily reach out to you.

2. Professional Summary/Objective: 
Write a concise summary highlighting your experience, skills, and what you can bring to the position. Tailor it to the specific requirements of the seamstress job you are applying for.

3. Skills: 
Mention your key skills related to sewing, tailoring, pattern making, and garment construction. Include both technical skills (e.g., machine operation, hand stitching, fabric selection) and soft skills (e.g., attention to detail, time management, communication).

4. Work Experience: 
List your previous work experience in reverse chronological order. Include the company name, job title, dates, and a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments. Emphasize any sewing or tailoring roles you have held and highlight your ability to work with different fabrics and garment types.

5. Education and Training: 
Specify any relevant education or certifications related to sewing or fashion design. Include the name of the institution, degree earned, and completion dates. If you have attended any workshops or specialized training programs, include those as well.

6. Portfolio/Projects: 
If you have a portfolio or examples of your work, mention it in your resume, or provide a link to your online portfolio. This gives potential employers an opportunity to see your sewing skills in action.

7. References: 
Optionally, you can include references from previous employers or clients who can vouch for your skills and work ethic. Ensure you have their permission before listing them.


8. Tailor your resume: 
Customize your resume for each seamstress job application, highlighting the most relevant skills and experiences that match the specific requirements of the position.

9. Proofread:
Remember to proofread your resume for any grammatical errors or typos.

10. Keep It Short:
Keep your resume concise, yet informative, ensuring it highlights your unique qualifications as a seamstress.

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