Dressmaker Resume Sample

Updated on: July 27, 2017

For some positions, writing a resume is quite a difficult job to do.

This is especially true when you are stuck in a situation where making your skills tangible looks like too much of an effort.


A resume / CV sample for a dressmaker position is provided below for your reference:




Dressmaker Resume Example



Janet Wood

4660 Bunche Avenue, Glasgow, KY 42141
(000) 289-5262
Janet.wood @ email . com

Results-driven and aesthetically blessed

Performance Profile
Highly experienced in creating new patterns, and sewing garments following detailed instructions. Extensive comprehension of current trends and styles.

Solutions focused innovator known for pioneering new dress designs. Skillfully assemble and join garment parts using needles and threads, along with threading and sewing machines.

Competent in adjusting in or out seams in a variety of garments to improve their fits. Proficient in altering, repairing and making made-to-measure garments, as per specified instructions.

Professional Skills

✓ Design Adaptation ✓ Parts Measurements
✓ Dress Alterations ✓ Padding Removal
✓ Sewing Machine Operations ✓ Machine Repair & Maintenance
✓ Garment Pressing ✓ Trend Oversight
✓ Patterns Designing ✓ Lapels Narrowing
✓ Fabric Selection ✓ Dress Trimming


Performance Highlights
• Independently sewed 45 pieces of garment in a single shift, following a rush order.
• Successfully altered a 100 year old wedding dress, without damaging the fabric or cut.
• Introduced a novel dress measurement system, which was 50% more accurate than standard procedures.
• Received accolades for selecting a top quality fabric from the market, a one of its kind, bringing sales of the finished product up by 65%.

Fashion to Figure, Glasgow, KY | 7/2009 – Present
• Confer with clients to determine their dressmaking needs and provide them with information on present trends and styles
• Take measurements using tape measure, in a bid to acquire clients’ sizing and dimensions
• Operate threading and sewing machines to make garments such as dresses, coats and suits according to clients’ specifications
• Look for the right type and quality of fabric and position and pin pattern sections before cutting it
• Pin and sew fabric parts together by following set design specifications
• Sew felling stitches in hems of each garment by hand, in order to conceal any visible threads
• Press garments to smooth seams and wrinkles, and to give them the right shape
• Ascertain that all sewed and pressed garments are properly hung in closets or racks, until clients claim them

 Fashion House, Glasgow, KY  | 2/2003 – 7/2009
• Provided assistance to dressmakers in choosing and selecting fabric and threads
• Calibrated sewing and threading machines at the beginning of each shift, to ensure proper working order
• Held fabric parts together while dressmakers pinned or sewed them using handheld machines
• Placed buttons and frills on near-finished garments, as per provided instructions
• Assisted in handling alterations and repairs, by following strict instructions provided by clients

Glasgow High School, Glasgow, KY – 2009
High School Diploma