Garment Factory Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: January 30, 2019

A garment factory worker’s resume must be well-written.

Choosing the right format is important. As important is ensuring that the structure of the resume is well-maintained.

Placing information on your knowledge of operating garment production equipment, such as sewing machines is important.

What is even more critical is showing that you are able to handle quality control measures.

Working as a garment factory worker is challenging on many levels, which is why you have to highlight your skills in a resume.

It is through these skills that a hiring manager will decide that he wants to hire you.

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Garment Factory Worker Resume Sample

Marian Willoughby
713 Utah Road, East Greenwich, RI 28955
(000) 999-9999


Top-performing Garment factory worker with extensive experience in setting up and calibrating garment production equipment. Highly skilled in choosing the right fabric for specific projects. Effectively able to ensure quality control of each assigned project.


Machine Calibration Quality Assurance Preventative Maintenance
Fabric Selection Machine Tending Repair
Gauge Adjustment Needle Setting Garment Guiding
Supplier Selection Packing and Labeling Defects Detection

• Performed back to back garment stitching shifts, therefore, met a tight deadline.
• Implemented a defects detection system, decreasing defects by 50% consequently.
• Introduced a unique fabric selection system, hence, improved quality by 80%.
• Trained 32 apprentices in performing stitching work as part of their training session.


Garment Factory Worker
Patagonia Garments, East Greenwich, RI | 6/2010 – Present
• Check work orders in order to determine shift duties.
• Confer with supervisors to understand specifications.
• Obtain materials such as fabric and threads.
• Make arrangements to acquire tools, for example, needle threaders, and scissors.
• Set up and calibrate sewing machines.
• Ensure that assigned equipment remains in good working order.
• Feed cloth into sewing machines.
• Adjust the right colored threads.
• Sew garments according to production methodologies.
• Perform finishing activities, such as cutting away loose threads.
• Iron and fold finished garments.
• Affix buttons and hooks.
• Pack and tag finished garments in order to make them delivery-ready.

Garment Factory Worker
The Stitching Hands, East Greenwich, RI | 2008-2012
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on garment production machines.
• Cleaned and repaired sewing machines.
• Arranged for resources such as threads, hooks, and buttons to be made available.
• Assisted in performing finishing duties.
• Cleaned and maintained work areas.

High School Diploma
East Greenwich High School, East Greenwich, RI

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