Roofing Skills and Abilities for Resume

Updated April 16, 2017

How do you measure excellence? By the end result of something, right? Right! But sometimes, it is not the end result of something that needs to be gauged. Instead, how something will be done makes more sense, especially to a hiring manager. Mostly, hiring managers look for people who are skilled in areas that they deem important. For instance, if you are being hired as a laborer, a hiring manager will need to know that you are physically dexterous, and possess the ability to handle construction work. And if you are being considered for an accounting position, you must possess an exceptional ability to handle numbers and calculations.

Every resume that you have written up till now must have gone through the vigilant eyes of a hiring manager, hoping to pick up snippets of your capabilities. If you haven’t mentioned your skills in a resume before, it is time that you started. It is not too difficult to decide which skills to mention and which to leave out completely. What makes you a good choice to hire? What can do in the workplace that not many others can? What inherent abilities do you have that match with the hiring manager’s requirements? If you can answer all of these, you can successfully create a skills list to put on your resume.

To see how skills statements can be articulated in a resume, refer to the list below:

Sample Skills and Abilities for Roofing Resume

• Highly experienced in inspecting problem roofs to determine the best ways to repair them

• Proficient in measuring roofs to calculate quantities of materials that will be required for repair or installation

• Effectively able to replace damaged or rotting joints and install vapor barriers or layers of insulation

• Hands-on experience in installing shingles, asphalt and metal in a bid to make roofs waterproof

• Exceptionally talented in aligning roofing materials with edges of roofs, and effectively applying alternate layers of hot asphalt or tar on roofs

• Hands-on experience in covering roofs with slate, asphalt and aluminum, using a wide variety of tools such as brushes, knives and punches

• Demonstrated expertise in creating accurate cost estimates for roof repairs and new installations

• Proven record of efficiently and effectively nailing roofing paper and composition shingles on roofs

• Competent in carefully and articulately locating and fixing leaks, and repairing damages caused by storms, rain and high winds

• Highly skilled in nailing tiles to roof boards and using roofing cement to ensure the sturdiness of roofs