Roofer Resume Example


Roofers employ a variety of methods, tools and equipment to install and repair roofs. This is a job that needs skills in construction and most roofers are trained on the job as there are not many formal schools for this profession.

If you are a roofer, you may need to portray your skills and experience in roofing activities when writing a resume.

Let us see how you may do this.



Sample Resume for Roofer Position


Kenny Garland

6635 Alta Vista Street – Casper, WY 77777
(999) 999-9999, Email

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position as a Roofer with Top Notch Constructions using knowledge of roofing tools and activities in order to provide the company’s clients with excellence in roofing solutions

• Three years of experience working as a Roofer
• Proven record of repairing, maintaining, removing and installing roofs
• Hands on experience in inspecting composition shingles, slate shingles and roofing tiles
• In depth knowledge of various roofing materials used in installation and repairing of roofs

• Considerable knowledge of tools and equipment used in roofing activities
• Comprehensive knowledge of hazards and safety requirements
• Able to work on inclined and flat surfaces

• Provided seven corporate clients with unique roofing solutions by installing insulation workable for both heat and cold
• Promoted from an apprentice to a full-time roofer within seven months of working on Project A

January 2010 – February 2013
Peak Time Construction – Casper, WY
• Aligned roof materials and applied alternate layers of hot asphalt or tar
• Applied gravel over top layers
• Cemented and nail flash strips of metal or shingles in order to make them water proof
• Cut roofing paper to size for easy application
• Installed new roofs and repaired old ones
• Installed insulation materials for both heat and cold management
• Inspected problem roofs and applied repair solutions
• Set up scaffolding as and when needed

High School Diploma – Alta Vista High School, Casper, WY – 2008

• Profound ability to work in a supervisory role
• Exceptional skills in written and oral communication

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