Roofer Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: August 31, 2018

A resume is a necessary tool to apply for a Roofer Assistant job. Writing a good roofer assistant resume is challenging.

How do you write a Roofer Assistant resume that is sure to blow the hiring manager away?

You can choose a format like the one below to help you out:



Roofer Assistant Resume Example



Armand Rogers
78 National Way, Minot, ND 22525
(000) 999-9999


Highly skilled Roofer Assistant with 7+ years’ successful track record in providing support to roofing projects through effective skills in installation and repair. Ability to inspect roof problems to determine the best way of repairing it, and measure roofs to calculate the quantities of materials needed, and the amount of time required.


✓ Tools Use ✓ Preventative Maintenance ✓ Installation and Repair
✓ Cost Calculation ✓ Shingles Installation ✓ Materials Handling
✓ Safety Equipment Use ✓ Cracks Repairing ✓ Leaks Fixing
✓ Roof Removal ✓ Emergency Repairs ✓ Roof Filling

• Simultaneously installed 2 roofs for a whirlwind project of twin houses.
• Successfully identified 3 leaks in a roof, which the previous roofer assistant overlooked.
• Trained 32 apprentices in performing roofing duties as part of their training.
• Suggested installation of shingles on a problem roof, resulting in decreasing wear and tear by 65%.


Roofer Assistant
Roofing Manics, Minot, SD         2015-present
• Study work orders to determine the tasks for the day and make plans to suits each task.
• Take orders and instructions from the roofer and ensure that supplies and materials are made available.
• Assist roofers in determining cost estimates for each roofing installation, replacement, or repair project.
• Clear work areas and ensure that any debris or hazardous materials are removed before the beginning of the shift.
• Tear down old roofing and ensure that the work area is cleaned up for the next one.
• Assist roofers in laying out roofing materials to ensure a speedy and accurate installation.
• Locate cracks and holes in existing roofs, and ensure that they are filled in properly.
• Inspect potential problems in roofs, and inform roofers about possible solutions to counter them.

Roofer Assistant
Joiner Drywall Inc., Minot, SD     2013-2015
• Assisted in laying out the tools and materials required for each roofing project.
• Cleaned work areas and ensured that they were kept ready for roofing work to take place.
• Mixed and heated tar at the right temperature to ensure that it develops into a state where it can be spread.
• Filled cracks using the right types of material, as instructed by the roofer or the roofer assistant.
• Ensured that all materials, tools, and equipment were gathered and stored properly at the end of the day.

Minot High School, Minot, SD – 2009
High School Diploma